Nintendo Switch Pro: specifications revealed for the new Nintendo console?

Nintendo Switch Pro: trapelate le specifiche della futura console? thumbnail

Nintendo Switch Pro

The rumors concerning Nintendo Switch Pro have come back with arrogance on the net during the last few hours, despite the announcement of the Switch OLED had downsized them a lot during the past months. Documents had leaked in the past few days NVIDIA on the alleged console, it now seems that some technical specifications of the Nintendo Switch Pro have been leaked.

Nintendo Switch Pro: specs leaked?

The analyzes on the matter were conducted by TechPowerUpstarting from the database of NVIDIAwhere what we amicably call the Nintendo Switch Pro would be a console capable of supporting functions of DLSS and ray tracing and would be designated with the code NVN2. To echo this analysis he thought about it Often Nickco-founder of Xbox Era, who confirmed what was explained by TechPowerUp.

Shpeshal in particular shared the specifications of Nintendo Switch Pro, which according to what he declared, would be in his hands for over a year. Here is what he writes on Twitter:

“You know, over a year ago they sent me some specs of ‘Switch Pro’ that I chose to keep to myself even though they told me they could share them. Now that I have seen the leaks point to the successor of the Switch, I wonder if these specifications will be close to reality or are now obsolete “.

The specifications in question instead would be these:

  • CPU 8 core 1.27ghz
  • GPU 512 core Ampere 1100mhz
  • RAM 8GB 88GB/s 77GB/s
  • 128GB flash storage
  • Output massimo 4K/60fps
  • 1080p 60hz display, no indication for HDR
  • Same wi-fi chip

Obviously this is unofficial information, and therefore to be taken with pliers, not to mention that Nintendo does not seem so willing to publish a successor to Nintendo Switch in the short term, also given the excellent economic performance of the console.