I clienti Revelator possono ora mettere all'asta le royalty musicali di ANote Music thumbnail

ANote and Revelator democratize the music royalty market

Revelator customers can now auction ANote Music thumbnail music royalties

Democratize the music royalty market. This is the ambition of Write down Musica European marketplace for music rights, which today announced a partnership with revealing. The latter is a pioneering data management and analysis platform that offers solutions in the field of royalty distribution to copyright holders in all fields of intellectual property.

As a result of the partnership, Revelator customers can now auction their music catalogs. For the first time, therefore, ANote Music expands its range of services for the monetization and evaluation of intellectual property in the music field. In this way, users will be able, in a simple and democratic way, to finance the work of artists and earn from the management of intellectual property. A range of solutions suitable for both fans and professional investors.

What does the partnership between ANote Music and Revelator provide?

Each catalog will now be divided into a certain number of units, which will be made available to investors. This will make it possible diversification your wallet, getting one passive source of royalty revenue.

The agreement will also allow ANote to integrate Revelator’s technological resources into its platform. Between these data management systems, models predictive e payment options. Revelator’s advanced tools will allow investors to have a more complete view of the royalty flows deriving from their shares.

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“We are very proud to support Revelator in its entry into the world of music royalty trading. This partnership, in turn, will provide us with the means to further our mission of stimulating the growth and ambitions of music rights players even more effectively, “he comments. Marzio F. Schena, Co-Founder and CEO of ANote Music. “From our very first steps, the Revelator model, with its innovative platform and services for intellectual property rights holders, has been a source of inspiration for us. Our values ​​and visions of the future of music coincide and I am confident that this collaboration will bring both new opportunities to pursue our common goal: democratizing access to intellectual property rights. “

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