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Microsoft, nation-state cyber attacks increase

The new Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2022 highlights an increase in nation-state attacks, especially after the outbreak of the conflict in Ukraine. But cybercrime is also on the rise, with Microsoft blocking up to 710 million phishing attacks every week.

Microsoft Digital Defense Report 2022: nation-state attacks on the rise (and beyond)

Analyzing beyond 43 trillion signals collected every day with data analytics and Artificial Intelligence algorithms, Microsoft has drawn up a detailed report on security. Also taking advantage of the work of its 8,500 professionals and 15,000 partners active in the ecosystem.

A first alarming fact concerns the nation-state attacks, those carried out with the support of a Nazinal government. Attacks at critical infrastructures grow from 20 to 40%, with 90% of such attacks on NATO countries coming from Russia. However, Iran has also intensified its attacks, as has North Korea (especially in the aerospace sector). China appears to have stepped up its spying operations.

The analysis of the report with respect to the “influence operations”, The disinformation campaigns perpetrated mainly by Russia. Who used fake news about the Ukrainian invasion and Covid to discredit the West. But China and Iran have also implemented propaganda operations according to Microsoft.

But cybercrime also seems to be on the rise, with 921 password attacks per second, up 74% from last year. According to Microsoft, 93% pay little attention to access privileges and lateral movements. There are also many phishing e-mails: Microsoft has blocked them 710 million per week.

Finally, attacks against companies’ IoT or OT devices are growing, with attacks against remote management devices (46%), attacks via the web (30%) e database attacksbrute force o exploit (18%).

Carlo Mauceli, National Digital Officer of Microsoft Italy comments: “The new data in the Digital Defense Report instills a sense of urgency and we hope that every interlocutor will be prompted to act immediately to improve their cyber resilience. Considering the severity of the threat in the current scenario where physical and digital dimensions interpenetrate, it is important to remember that we all have the power to act to protect ourselves, our organizations and our country against cyber risks. “

Here the complete report.

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