Ancora un down per AWS oggi 22 febbraio: ecco cosa sta succedendo thumbnail

Another down for AWS today February 22: here’s what’s happening

AWS (Amazon Web Services) registra un new down today 22 February. It is not the first time that the cloud services of Amazon, the reference provider in the sector and used by various partner companies, have experienced an unexpected downturn of this magnitude. Last December, for example, there was a similar downturn involving several websites linked to AWS. Let’s see what’s going on.

Another down for AWS

At the moment, there is still no official statement from Amazon Web Services. In the last few hours, however, the reports have multiplied on the net and also DownDetector, from which the image attached below is taken, confirms the problems recorded by AWS in the last few hours. The problem is, therefore, indirectly confirmed and a nod from the AWS team is expected to understand the causes of the down.

The last time, we recall, to cause the temporary failure of the services of Amazon Web Services was the loss of electricity in a single data center in the United States. For now, the problem appears to be less widespread but still present. The reports are multiplying but, probably, the AWS technicians are already working to restore the correct functioning of the services.

It should be noted that among the main services affected by the malfunction we find Slack e Github, real points of reference for many users.

The graph confirming the down

AWS Down

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