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Antonio Capuano criticizes Mare Fuori: all too beautiful and fashionable

In the past few hours, during an interview published by Il Corriere della Sera, the legendary Neapolitan director Antonio Capuano spoke about the RAI Mare Fuori series: and no, he doesn’t seem to like it very much… at least from a certain point of view

For better or for worse, albeit with some ingenuity, we liked Mare Fuori almost completely. Surely the third season, which we told you about in a dedicated review that you can find by clicking here, is the more mature and multifaceted one, but even the first two, net of everything, are definitely appreciable in the context of modern Italian TV series. Considering then that it is an entirely RAI product and which can also be enjoyed completely free of charge on RAI Play, we can only recommend it to all those who follow us. And yes, we await the fourth season (here everything we know)!

The legendary director Antonio Capuano, who in addition to being an author who has worked both in the theatre, in television and in the cinema, is also the holder of the scenography chair at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, doesn’t seem to be of the same opinion. In a recent interview published by Il Corriere della Sera, in which the director spoke, among many other things, of his new upcoming film, Capuano spoke about the RAI TV series stating that yes, in fact it has a certain value, but there is something that just does not go down.

Antonio Capuano criticizes Mare Fuori: all too beautiful and fashionable

Antonio Capuano talks about Mare Fuori in the interview with Il Corriere della Sera: “a bow to fashion”

Antonio Capuano in fact stated:

”Sea outside” I saw it. She is beautiful in a certain sense, the boys above all are beautiful, beautiful, perhaps even too much. There’s more than a fashionable bow… have you ever seen the imprisoned guaions? Mica are dressed and combed like that! That said, I like how it’s written, even the Neapolitan that the actors speak is credible. But the direction in which we are going is that of exteriority, of the surface.

And what do you think of what Antonio Capuano said about Mare Fuori? Let us know below in the comments e stay tuned with us at for all the news on cinema and TV series!

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