AOC: Gaming ecosystem expanded with brand new must-have products

AOC does not stop innovating, which is why it enriches its gaming ecosystem with succulent innovations including keyboards, mice and much more

A self-respecting company never stops innovating and innovating: AOC is certainly one of them. Every gamer knows that not only their skills but also the right equipment are enough to achieve the best results. With the new entry in the product portfolio of the well-known brand, gamers will have a almost complete gaming ecosystem, which will allow them to play without any problems with connectors. Almost all input lag problems will also be eliminated.

Stefan Sommer, Director Manager & Business management di AOC International thus intervened by advertising the enrichment of the gaming ecosystem:

Ever since AOC entered the world of gaming, we have been committed to ensuring the best products the market could offer. As # 1 in the gaming monitor category, we are striving further to expand our success story. In this regard, we are very excited to present these new highly customizable and high performance accessories, perfectly in line with the other products in the AOC line.

The new AOC products

Below is a quick rundown of the new entries in the gaming field in the AOC landscape.


Three keyboard models included in the new catalog. We start with the queen, the AGK700 with 115 keys equipped with linear switches of the highest quality Cherry MX Blue/Red. Guaranteed 100% anti-ghosting for a seamless gaming experience. There are keys designed to control the game modes of the keyboard (RTS, FPS, Racing ..) and adjust theRGB lighting of some monitors AGON. Equipped with leather wrist rests that give an extra touch to the whole set.

In the step just below we find the GK500 with 104 keys and mechanical light switch Outemu Red/Blue, rollover n-key e 100% anti-ghosting. Both keyboards (she and her big sister) come with an extra set of W, A, S, D keys and a USB cable with a gold connector. Keyboard profiles can be stored in the built-in storage space using the G-Tools software.

Model entry-level and the GK200 equipped with membrane keys that provide the feel of a mechanical keyboard. It is a keyboard resistant to liquids equipped with rainbow LED backlighting and an integrated wrist rest that makes even the longest gaming sessions comfortable.


The premium model is definitely the AGM700. Right-handed mouse with customizable components. Pixart 3389 sensor with resolution from 16000 Real DPI, speed from 400 inches / sec. As an additional resistance, the mouse is equipped with switch Omron with lifespan of 50 million clicks which are mounted in the left and right mouse buttons.

AOC: Gaming ecosystem expanded with brand new must-have products

As a mid-range we have the GM500 of AOC designed for ambidextrous. Speed ​​of 100 inches / sec and also equipped with Omron switch. All eight mouse buttons are programmable thanks to the dedicated software of AOC G-Tools.

Also present as a new-entry mousepad AMM700 accompanying the series keyboards and mice AGON and complete the whole package. The non-slip rubber ensures a solid grip also embellished by the surrounding programmable RGB LEDs with 4 different light effects.

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