tri-Ace, the Star Ocean studio, is working on a new RPG for PS5

According to a tri-Ace job announcement, the studio responsible for the Star Ocean saga is working on a new RPG for PlayStation 5

The team behind the Star Ocean, Valkyrie Profile, e Resonance of Fate, is recruiting staff for a new RPG directed to PS5. According to a post Twitter, also proposed by the Gematsu portal, tri-Ace is currently searching for 3D VFX artists. This is undoubtedly a very interesting news for all owners of the new Sony game console, given the quality and peculiarity that have always distinguished the productions of the Japanese studio.

tri-Ace working on a PS5 RPG

The announcement relating to the professional figures to be engaged in the development of this new role-playing game for PlayStation 5also points out how tri-Ace does not intend to adopt a commercial engine, which is already available, but intends to develop its own engine. Obviously, the announcement continues, everything is aimed at offering a technical experience worthy of the new gaming hardware for which the title is intended.

Many years have passed since the last triple A title made by the Japanese studio, which in recent times has preferred to focus on remasters and remakes of its previous games related to Star Ocean and the revival of Resonance of Fate. The most recent original production, in fact, was Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, released with a mix of mixed reviews now way back in 2016.

At the moment we don’t know if the game in question is one new IP, or the sequel of one of the historical brands of the studio, but we at will not fail to keep you updated as soon as we have news about this mysterious title. Meanwhile, if you want to recover some of the team’s old works at a discounted price, our advice is to take a look at the Instant Gaming pages.

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