AOC: Here comes the new multitasking monitor

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Curved and powerful here is the new AOC multitasking monitor, the 34 ″ ultrawide CU34P2C with 65 W USB-C

AOCthe display specialist, announces the 34 ″ (86.4 cm) AOC CU34P2C, the latest addition to his series top of the range P2 business oriented. This curved monitor (1500R) ultrawide with a aspect ratio 21:9features vibrant, punchy colors and resolution UWQHD very high (3440 x 1440 pixels). With connectivity Integrated USB-C, the CU34P2C can charge and power laptops up to 65W, further adding the screen with the laptop. Furthermore, the4 port USB hub of the monitor allows access to devices (such as keyboard, mouse, etc.), all connected through a single USB-C cable.

His VA panel with a static contrast ratio 3000:1 and a peak brightness of 300 nits, the CU34P2C can handle strong ambient lighting and indirect sunlight. In addition, thanks to its 100 Hz refresh rate, Adaptive-Sync and the response times of 1 ms MPRT / 4 ms GtG the CU34P2C is also a valid gaming monitor, thus affirming its versatility.

AOC: Here comes the new multitasking monitor

Broaden horizons

Perfectly suited as a single monitor replacing the bulky multi-monitor setupsthe CU34P2C’s large horizontal space (21: 9 aspect ratio and 3440 × 1440 pixels) adapts to the needs of manufacturers musical, editor video, streamer and more, allowing them to put the complete timeline of their work on a single monitor. The ultrawide display can also be used by snapping two application windows on two sides, effectively reproducing one multi-monitor configuration on a single seamless frame.

With the added bonus of USB-C connectivity, the CU34P2C can truly broaden the horizon of creators and bridge the gap between the mobile and desktop computing. With a single USB-C cable, a video editor or music producer can simply plug in their laptop and start charging / powering it, using the CU34P2C as the primary display, while accessing other USB powered devices such as an external drive, webcam or an audio device thanks to the monitor’s 4-port USB hub.

AOC: Here comes the new multitasking monitor

A great all-rounder

The CU34P2C is equipped with a VA panel which makes the vivid images with a static contrast ratio of 3000: 1 for deep, rich blacks, saturated colors with a wide gamut area (120% sRGB, 89% AdobeRGB). With a peak brightness of 300 nits, the CU34P2C can handle strong ambient lighting and indirect sunlight, while its wide viewing angles (178 ° / 178 °) enhance visual comfort for anyone watching the screen at the same time.

Thanks to its 100Hz refresh rate, Adaptive-Sync and 1ms MPRT / 4ms GtG response times, the CU34P2C is a competent gaming monitor, as well as a fellow cinephile with rich contrast (3000: 1) and a 21: 9 canvas to enjoy when the job is done. With two 3W speakers and headphone jack, the CU34P2C completes the audiovisual experience. Designed to fit modern offices and homes, the brushed aluminum finish of this display stand beautifully complements its sleek 3-sided borderless design.

The monitor is equipped with a fully ergonomic support with a generous height adjustment of 150 mm and a wide range of angles of rotation and inclination. The stand can be equipped with AOC’s VESA-P2 bracket, so the monitor can mount a miniPCs such as Intel NUCs directly on the support itself, creating a unique and replaceable system all-in-one. With an internal power supply and cable management built into the stand, the CU34P2C helps users create a sleek, clutter-free workspace.

AOC: Here comes the new multitasking monitor

AOC CU34P2C: availability and price

Reflecting AOC’s dedication to sustainabilitythe CU34P2C is certified with TCO 8.0, EnergyStar 8 e ECMA Eco Declaration. Its FlickerFree display ensures comfortable use by using the DC to adjust the brightness instead of the PWMwhile the mode LowBlue nell’OSD reduces eye fatigue. L’AOC CU34P2C is available at the recommended price of €619.

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