Apple has hired a Ford engineer to accelerate the development of its electric car

Apple ha assunto un ingegnere Ford per accelerare lo sviluppo della sua auto elettrica thumbnail

Apple, as Bloomberg reports, has hired Desi Ujkashevic one of Ford’s leading engineers, with experience in the field of automotive engineering and safety. For many this is a sign that the iPhone maker wants to accelerate the development of its much talked about and expected electric car.

According to internal sources, Desi Ujkashevic will therefore take care of the development project of the Apple Car. Ujkashevic joined Ford in 1991, and most recently was global director of vehicle safety engineering. Previously, she was involved in interior, exterior and electrical component design for many Ford models such as Escape, Explorer, Fiesta and Focus, as well as Lincoln MKC and Aviator models. In addition, Ujkashevic has experience in regulatory matters, which Apple will have to take into account if it wants its car to go on the roads.

The hiring of a Ford veteran suggests that Apple is not giving up on the idea of ​​an autonomous car, despite the fact that several key figures involved in this project have left over the past year.

Apple Car, with Desi Ujkashevic continues the renewal of the development team

Almost the entire project team has been replaced in the last 12 months after the leader left Doug Field, who made Ujkashevic’s reverse path last year. After Field’s departure, Apple decided to nominate Kevin Lynch, well-known software manager, to oversee the development of the electric car project. The repeatedly stated goal is to launch a product on the market in 2025.

Ujkashevic joins other senior automotive industry executives who currently work at Apple. Between these Ulrich Kranz, former CEO of BMW, Stuart Bowers, ex CEO di Teslae Jonathan Sive, ex manager di Tesla, Waymo e BMW.

The problem is that competition in the electric car market is steadily increasing. Why in addition to Tesla and its younger rivals come Lucid o Rivian, established car manufacturers are also leading the electrification of their fleets. And with every kilometer their cars travel on the world’s roads, the advantage over Apple grows.

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