AOC P3: here is the new line of professional monitors with USB-C docking

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AOC, a well-known hardware company, presents the P3 series, a new professional line that includes seven monitors in three different sizes

AOC presents the new P3 line, it consists of seven monitors in three different sizes (24″/60.4cm 24P3CW, 24P3CV e 24P3QW, 27″/68,6 cm Q27P3CW, Q27P3CV e Q27P3QW, and 34″/86.4cm ultrawide CU34P3CV). 3-sides frameless IPS or VA panels deliver vibrant, brilliant colors and wide viewing angles (178°/178°) for increased viewing comfort when working online or on text, spreadsheets, coding, graphics work and more. THE ergonomic supports help create a more comfortable working environment, while 4-port USB 3.2 hubs, featured on all models, provide the versatility you need.

AOC P3: here are the distinctive innovations

But what sets these new monitors apart from the company are the built-in 2MP or 5MP webcams with support Windows Hello to allow users to instantly log into their sessions, the logout DisplayPort to create configurations multi-monitor clean and stylish, and integrated USB-C docking stations to transform a laptop-based workspace into a cleaner, more productive desktop with just one cable. All new models P3 they are also equipped with a sustainable packaging with paper wrapping and certifications according to the latest environmental regulations such as EPA, EnergyStar 8, TCO 9.0 ed EPEAT.

AOC P3: here is the new line of professional monitors with USB-C docking

I models P3 are available in three main categories with innovative technologies:

  • The models QW they feature an adjustable 2MP webcam (Full HD) and Windows Hello support for added comfort and security, as well as dual 5W speakers for great experiences even in online conferences.
  • The models CV They feature a large built-in USB-C docking station, which offers an RJ-45 input for USB-C network connection, 65W USB Power Delivery for charging and powering notebooks and display sharing, and they come with of a DisplayPort output to easily create clutter-free multi-monitor setups. In lieu of DP output, the CU34P3CV ultrawide monitor boasts a built-in KVM switch to control two computers with a single keyboard-mouse-monitor configuration. Dual 2W speakers complete the multimedia experience.
  • The models CW integrate both features and have the benefit of a higher resolution 5 MP (QHD) tilting webcam with Windows Hello support, dual 5W speakers and the same USB-C docking station as the CV models with 65W Power Delivery and DisplayPort output.

To notice and be noticed

In today’s world filled with online meetings and video calls, models QW, the most convenient in terms of price, the 24P3QW (23.8″ with Full HD IPS panel) and the Q27P3QW (27″ with QHD IPS panel) use a 2MP Full HD pop-up webcam with Windows Hello support and 2 x 5W speakers. Windows Hello facial recognition technology allows users to unlock Windows sessions just by looking at the webcam, increasing security and accessibility. Both models are perfectly suited to an installation with fixed desktop PCs, where video conferencing and calls can take up a large part of the daily routine.

The models CV without built-in webcam – the 24P3CV (23.8″ with Full HD IPS panel), the Q27P3CV (27″ with QHD IPS panel) and the CU34P3CV (34″ with VA UW-QHD panel) – are perfectly suited for use in flexible offices and shared workspaces. In addition to the more common HDMI and DisplayPort inputs, these models are equipped with a USB-C input. Thanks to the hub USB 3.2 Gen 1 integrated 4-port port, users can enjoy the following benefits when connecting their laptop with a single USB-C cable:

  • The screen can be extended al monitor
  • The laptop can be reloaded (up to 65W)
  • The laptop can log into to the network or to Internet thanks for entering RJ-45 monitor
  • And the laptop can access connected devices all’hub USB to 4 monitor ports (such as keyboard, mouse, printer, headphone, etc.).

AOC P3: here is the new line of professional monitors with USB-C docking

AOC P3: elegant and time-free design

The design of the elegant series P3 it is clean and fits into any home or business environment. Its compact base is characterized by a premium look, while the narrow bezels on three sides ensure even multi-monitor setups almost seamless, as well as a elegant look in modern offices. For reduce small footprint, the stand features an opening for cable management and is adjustable for height (150mm), full 180° swivel, tilt and swivel (90°) (except ultra wide model CU34P3CV) in order to have an ergonomic and comfortable user experience during long working hours.

Connectivity and convenience together

Model CU34P3CV is a great choice because of its curved VA panel 1500R and various connectivity options. Due to the large ultrawide size making additional multi-monitor connections unnecessary, the DisplayPort output has been removed in favor of one switch KVM and of options Picture-in-Picture e Picture-by-Picture for increased productivity with multiple sources.

with it switch KVM, two sources can be connected to the monitor simultaneously, and when a keyboard/mouse set is also connected to the monitor’s USB hub, users can choose from the monitor whether to control the connected PC via USB-C or the PC connected via the USB upstream port. For professionals who work simultaneously with a laptop and a desktop, this feature represents one smart solution to use two PCs at the same time.

All models use the technology FlickerFree, the mode LowBlue and offer ergonomic stands or options VESA mount to protect health and Welfare of the users both day and night.

Prices and availability

The AOCs 24P3CW, Q27P3CW, 24P3CV, Q27P3CV, CU34P3CV, 24P3QW and Q27P3QW will be available from February 2023 at the following prices:

  • 24P3CW: €329
  • Q27P3CW: €439
  • 24P3CV: €289
  • Q27P3CV: €419
  • CU34P3CV: €549
  • 24P3QW: € 269
  • Q27P3QW: €369

What do you think of this new line AOC P3? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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