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Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail are back online

After the problems we had since the beginning of this week, Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail are back online: in the next few hours all mailboxes email they will be active. The company also assured that there was no data loss.

Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail are back online, after the downtime of the last few days

In recent days he had reported that Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail were down for all 9 million users who use the e-mail service. Italyonline he had informed us yesterday that the problem concerned a technical issue, and not a security problem.

Yesterday they explained to us that the recovery operations would last from 24 to 48 hours. But we just got some good news for users: within the next few hours you should have access to the mailboxes again.

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The company writes in a press release: “It is with relief that we can communicate to our users that a progressive return to normality is underway. In fact, the online remittance process of Libero Mail and Virgilio Mail has been launched, which involves only a first part of the customer base. In the next few hours, progressively, all the boxes will become fully active again“.

“It took a long time, as we said, but the primary objective was to protect the integrity of our users’ data. Moments of #down in a tech company can happen, our goal now is to be an even better mail provider than before for all Italians. We will continue to communicate through our touchpoints until the issue is resolved.”

The situation therefore seems to have returned, you should soon have access to your email, after several days.

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