AOC U27V4EA review: 4K IPS entry level for all pockets

In this review we will analyze the AOC U27V4EA, a 4K monitor with an IPS panel that focuses on a decidedly aggressive selling price, among the lowest in its category.

AOC it is certainly a reference brand as regards the huge slice of the market that refers to the increasingly popular and loved world of gaming. The Taiwanese company has gained a prominent place over the years thanks to a policy focused on the production of monitors with increasingly high technical characteristics, dedicated to extreme gaming. However, the commercial proposal of AOC includes a series also focused on the classic “office” use or in any case relegated to multimedia.

L’AOC U27V4E belongs precisely to this product category characterized by a minimalist design, without however losing some noteworthy features. The monitor we tested is indeed equipped with a IPS panel with 4K resolution, but the real peculiarity is an official price that allows anyone to be able to enjoy the playback of 4K content on an IPS panel without spending too much money. In the field test, however, unfortunately, some factors failed to meet expectations, let’s find out during the review.

AOC U27V4EA review: 4K IPS entry level for all pockets

Technical specifications | AOC U27V4EA review

AOC U27V4EA is a monitor equipped with a panel with resolution 3840 × 2160 pixels, which has some, now classic, technologies for visual well-being such as Flicker-Free, Low Blue Light e Adaptive Sync but no other particular feature that goes beyond what is now considered a “standard”. Minimalist nature confirmed, in addition to the design, by the panel with refresh rate a 60Hz e 4 ms response time.

  • Screen Size: 27 inches
  • Color: Nero
  • Maximum Resolution and Refresh Rate: 3840×2160, 60Hz
  • Response time: 4 ms (GtG)
  • Panel Type: IPS
  • Backlight: WLED
  • Contrast: 20M: 1 (dynamic), 1000: 1 (static)
  • Brightness: 350 nits
  • Viewing angle: 178/178°
  • Colors: 1.07 billion
  • Attack: VESA 100 × 100
  • Speaker: 2Wx2
  • Connections: HDMI 2.0 x 2, DisplayPort 1.2 x 1
  • Consumption: Classe energetica G, 33W da acceso, 0,5W in standby
  • Dimensions: 462(H) × 613.7 (W) ×187.2(D) mm (base inclusa), 364.2(H) × 613.7 (W) × 49.2 (D) (base esclusa)

Design and materials Review AOC U27V4EA

We said at the beginning of the review, the AOC U27V4EA is a monitor that, from the first impression, it is evident that it was designed for a office use. Precisely due to its nature, however, thanks to a fundamentally minimalist design characterized by elegant and not angular lines, can find a place in any environment of the house, enhancing the space occupied. As soon as it is taken out of the package, it is sufficient to install the pedestal through a classic interlocking system, an operation that can be done in a few seconds.

The entire structure of the monitor is made of plastic (except for the pedestal rod which is made of metal to balance the weight), very light to the touch but able to give a decidedly pleasant and quality visual impact. Very few adjustments can be made, limited to the possibility of varying theinclination of the panel thanks to the rotation on the junction axis between the monitor and the pedestal. Excellent optimization of the frames, limited to a maximum of three sides in a practically borderless conformation, winking at multi-display configurations, which flow into the lower edge of certainly more important dimensions to contain the logo and the various function keys.

OSD, connections and accessories

Regarding the function keys, the management of the monitor functions is entrusted to five very basic buttons positioned on the lower part of which we certainly would not complain, considering the target of the product. Always within the same lower area we find then the two speakers included in the product, from 2W each. On the back panel we find then the connection ports of this monitor, minimal even in this equipment. In fact, there are only two entrances HDMI 2.0, a DisplayPort 1.2 and a 3.5mm output for headphone audio. Inside the package there is only a 1.5m HDMI cable, in addition to the instruction manual.

User experience and main functions Review AOC U27V4EA

The first impact with the panel of this monitor was certainly not the best. Perhaps also due to a not particularly lucky unit and my typical tendency to absolute precision, I felt a nuisance from the first moment I set my eyes on this product. Although it is not demonstrable in a review of this type as it is a dimensional sensitivity so minimal that it cannot be reproduced by the optics of a camera which is not free of distortions, in turn, the construction of the panel and the assembly inside the plastic shell is not perfect. The sensation is that there is a very slight, far below the millimeter, difference in height between the sides and the central part of the monitor which causes the sensation of having a slight curvature in the center, as if the monitor were slightly curved, but in the opposite direction. to classic curved monitors. Sensation that accompanied me for all the first days of use but which then, having no impact at the level of content viewing, I also stopped noticing but I still have to report it in the review as a negative aspect.

Speaking of the panel itself, we are faced with a product with 112% sRGB coverage and 83% Adobe sRGB coverage. By translating the percentage data into real user experience, I can say that the benefits of an IPS panel within this price range are absolutely evident and not to be underestimated. There Image reproduction is perfect out of the box with decidedly faithful and pleasant colors and perfect viewing angles even at extreme angles. Working through photo / video editing programs with consequent color correction and color grading operations I could see a color reproduction that does not advise against its use for works of this kind (clearly remaining outside the high-level professional range), indeed, the benefits compared to a VA or TN panel are not negligible.

Although it is definitely not a dedicated gaming panel due to the refresh rate a 60Hz and at the response time which is blocked at 4ms, the possibility of playing video games in 2K or 4K with therefore greater image definition remains, in my opinion, to be preferred over a monitor limited to 1080p but with very high refresh rates. This clearly if we do not enter the scope of the gaming competitivo or in any case within those multiplayer videogames that are part of the e-sports circuit that requires speed rather than quality.

Uniformity of lighting and color

Although on a practical level the user experience that you can have with this monitor returns above all positive sensations, it is impossible to overlook some objective tests that highlight a situation that is not so rosy. Carrying out a simple test of the panel backlight on a black background in a dark room it was impossible not to notice a strong effect of IPS Glow especially in the upper left corner. Likewise, color uniformity also did not satisfy us, with color temperature deviations evident above all in the upper corners, returning an evident variation even to the naked eye ranging from colder shades of white in the left half to warmer and “yellowish” shades in the upper right quadrant.

AOC U27V4EA review: 4K IPS entry level for all pockets

Connectivity and functionality Review AOC U27V4EA

As mentioned above, the monitor is not equipped with many options, neither in terms of connections nor in terms of particular features. The presence of technology is certainly appreciated Flicker Free, della Low Blue Light Mode di AOC e dell’Adaptive Sync but apart from that, little else remains to be analyzed. The very presence of the two speakers is certainly a positive factor that is appreciated but at the same time they are of a sufficient quality only for emergency situations and on balance hardly usable on a daily basis.

It is time to take stock

Before decreeing the final verdict concerning the monitor AOC U27V4EA analyzed in the review it is good to start from its price. About € 330 for a 27 ″ monitor with 4K resolution and IPS panel it is a price that would leave no one indifferent, as a true flagship killer, if it were perfect.

Unfortunately, although in daily use we do not always tend to collide with some problematic factors encountered, in order to fully appreciate this monitor it would be necessary to accept too many defects, starting precisely from the IPS Glow, passing to an uneven and noticeable color deviation even with the naked eye and some construction defects that overall tend to undermine the experience and not return complete satisfaction following an investment of this type . However, it may be worth buying if the price continues to drop, hoping to have more luck in the magical IPS panel lottery.

Points in favor

  • Clean design
  • Nice 4K IPS panel
  • Not excessive cost

Points against

  • Non-negligible IPS Glow and color deviation
  • Not flawless construction
  • Too minimalist to be preferred to others
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