AOC’s 49-inch AGON curved monitors arrive

The manufacturer AOC continues in the announcement of products dedicated to gaming designed for gamers, with the new 49-inch AGON solutions

The manufacturer AOC, today presents new models of the AGON family, in particular we are talking about the AG493UCX2 and AG493QCX models, two offers with a good 49 ″ curved. With these AOC models condensing everything needed to offer the player the best, we have theAG493UCX2 from 49 ″ (124.5 cm), with an update rate of 165 Hz, and theAG493QCX from 49 ″ with an update rate of 144 Hz.

Aspect ratio di 32:9 to accompany the AG493 model, combining virtually due display QHD da 27″ in a single panel with DQHD resolution (5120 x 1440), while the AG493QCX combines two 27 ″ Full HD displays with DFHD resolution (3840 × 1080). Both monitors use VA panels for deep blacks, rich colors and a high contrast ratio for stunning images, supported by VESA certified DisplayHDR 400 technology. But after this short preview, let’s find out in detail.

AOC's 49-inch AGON curved monitors arrive

AOC’s 49-inch AGON curved monitors arrive

Recently announced, the first category AOC GAMING, AOC’s mission redefines the needs of new users. Now, the AGON series of monitors and peripherals make up an ecosystem of compatible products for a more immersive gaming atmosphere and elegant, able to satisfy demanding and competitive players. Compatible with headsets, mechanical keyboards, mice, mouse pads and more to create a true ecosystem.

The new AGON series (from the Greek “competition”) is certainly the perfect companion to satisfy the needs of the most demanding. For this, the first models of the new AGON series are two curved and wide screens. The words of Cesar Reyes Acosta, Gaming Product Manager / IT Accessories & Touch Monitors Team Leader at AOC Europe.

Our previous AGON series continues to be the go-to brand for the most passionate gamers. The 49 ″ AGON models are particularly popular with simulation and racing enthusiasts, as well as remote workers and content creators. Thanks to higher refresh rates and an increasing number of games that support 32: 9 format, gamers can enjoy an immersive experience in even more game categories, such as FPS or MOBA

AOC's 49-inch AGON curved monitors arrive AOC's 49-inch AGON curved monitors arrive AOC's 49-inch AGON curved monitors arrive

The AGON AG493UCX2 49 ″ monitor is equipped with a VA 32: 9 panel super wide and of a design borderless, which, with its futuristic curve, seems to have come out of a science fiction spaceship. There curvature 1800R gently envelops the user and fills his peripheral vision, like an augmented reality set placed on the desk, without obstacles in the center of the display.

In the driving simulation games, large and super wide displays like the AG493UCX2 raise the player’s situational awareness, showing a larger picture of the game world, which allows you to better visualize the scale in your mind for a perfect corner entry to win. Or, in the titles of flight simulation, this additional screen space makes viewing small dials, gauges, visual references, and graphs easier. While the AG493UCX2 excels in first-person games, the additional space brings benefits in all types of video games, from RTS games, where players can see their home base and frontier simultaneously, to MMOs with many active interactions. simultaneously.

AOC's 49-inch AGON curved monitors arrive

Despite its rather large size, the AG493UCX2 is as fast and responsive as its closest “cousins”. Thanks to its update rate of 165 Hz and response time MPRT of 1 ms (or 4 ms GtG). We then have it integrated KVM switch and the USB-C connection, which can transfer videos and power a laptop up to 65W simultaneously. It is as much a productivity machine as it is a dive machine. The 49 ″ AGON AG493QCX is similar to its sibling instead, but with a Full HD resolution. Model AG493UCX2 instead has a QHD resolution.

With a similar 49 ″ VA panel, the The AG493QCX’s 3840 x 1080 resolution has a refresh rate of up to 144Hz for lightning-fast images, with a response time of 4 ms GtG and 1 ms MPRT, which guarantees a gaming experience with the least possible ghosting. Both monitors include Picture-by-Picture mode to simultaneously connect a work laptop and a desktop (to its 2 HDMI 2.0 or 2x DisplayPort 1.2 inputs) to view both desktops, side by side. Although the AG493UCX2 also offers a USB-C input, both have a integrated 3-port USB hub to allow easy connection of peripherals.

AOC's 49-inch AGON curved monitors arrive

Prices and availability

To conclude, AOC entered, to eliminate stutter and tearing, l’Adaptive-Sync. They are certified with VESA DisplayHDR 400, which decodes and displays a high dynamic range for more vivid colors, specifically, 89% AdobeRGB, 91% DCI-P3 and 120% sRGB gamut coverage. Therefore suitable for content creation. To compete on all fronts, both models are equipped with massive and robust metal stands with a height of 100 mm and tilt and swivel adjustments and two 5W speakers. To carry out the OSD adjustments o select various game modes and game specific functions, users can use the built-in buttons, the included remote control or the AOC G-Menu software.

The first models of the new AGON series, the 49 “AG493UCX2 and the AG493QCX, will be available from September 2021 at recommended prices of € 1199 and € 949 respectively. If you want to continue to know the latest news from the hardware world, keep following us. Greetings from

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