TheF Charging avvia il suo percorso di elettrificazione dell'Europa thumbnail

TheF Charging starts its path of electrification of Europe

TheF Charging is an innovative start-up that delivers integrated services for charging electric vehicles. The company has announced the start of its selective electrification of Europe. After its debut in Italy, where in a few months it reached 160 charging points, TheF Charging expands with theopening of the Spanish branch. The startup’s goal is to reach 1 million parking spaces exclusively for innovative charging services. The target, according to estimates, will be reached in 4 years.

TheF Charging si espande in Europa

Leading the startup are the founders Andrea Brentan (former CEO of Endesa, Enel Group) e Federico Ugly (former Business Development EMEA of FCA and Chief Innovation Officer of Endesa). TheF Charging aims to expand in all major European territories, reaching the targets set in a short time. In fact, by 2025, the aim is to create a network of over 10 thousand strategic locations in Europe.

In total, TheF Charging will be able to count on over 1 million potential parking spaces for the provision of innovative energy services for electric cars. The start-up is working to create important collaborations throughout Europe. in Italy, TheF Charging has already started collaborations with APCOA Italia, and Tigros.

The comment of the protagonists

Andrea Brentan, President of TheF Charging, he comments: “From the beginning, we have set ourselves ambitious goals and in a short time we have built several infrastructures and created a significant pipeline of opportunities at an advanced stage of negotiation, making tomorrow’s goals closer.”

Federico Fea, CEO of TheF Charging, adds: “We want to contribute to increasing accessibility to sustainable mobility, focusing on the integration of vehicles with the electrical system and microgrids, reducing the total cost of ownership of vehicles and at the same time favoring the expansion of an increasingly based energy system. on renewable energy “

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