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Aperit-Hero: Daredevil, the man without fear

As usual, here we are with another weekly column dedicated to our favorite heroes! Today’s protagonist is very particular, a one-of-a-kind character who, despite his physical problems, is one of the greatest heroes the Marvel universe has ever seen. The protagonist of today’s Aperit-Hero is Daredevil, the man without fear!

With what’s been going on in the MCU lately, that’s just in the last few months it was made canon. A real joy for all the fans who madly loved the original Netflix TV series, not to mention that our beloved Punisher will also return. The character of Daredevil is one of the darkest in the Marvel universe, some have even compared it to Batman of the DC counterpart. It has incredible charm, a tear-jerking story and tragedies are the order of the day. The character had already appeared in live action back in the 2003 film, where he was the one to play him Ben Affleck. However, the character achieved greater popularity thanks to the interpretation of Charlie Cox, who gave us a masterful performance. Let’s analyze the character’s history in the MCU together!

A bad day | Aperit-Hero: Daredevil, the man without fear

This character is another of those classic comic book protagonists who decided to take the path of the hero when they lived the worst day of their life. Little Matt Murdock was poor and alone, without friends, and the only affection he received was from his father Jack Murdock. Jack was a low-ranking boxer, who was mostly used for show, continually getting beaten up by his opponents. But little Matt didn’t care, he loved watching his father fight like a real man devil. Unfortunately, however, things get even worse when, in an attempt to save a civilian who was about to be hit by a truck carrying harmful substances, he went blind due to those same substances that entered his eyes. From then on, his father Jack’s protective instincts grew stronger and stronger.

But unfortunately this protective instinct would have led him to a horrendous end. Jack felt more than ever that he had to protect his son, and to do so he needed to earn more money. The only way to do this was to win fights and climb the ranks, to accumulate enough money to cure Matt’s blindness. But this choice soon led to him being killed by the men who had ordered him to lose again. Matt went to the gym where his father was supposed to perform and, in the back, he could feel the body of his father died, killed by bullets. Daredevil’s tragic story begins like this, with a tragedy that would later lead him to be one of the greatest and bravest heroes the Marvel universe has ever seen.

Aperit-Hero: Daredevil, the man without fear

You can’t see it with your eyes | Aperit-Hero: Daredevil, the man without fear

After losing his father and being motherless, Matt Murdock was placed in foster care Catholic orphanage. In this place Matt grew up with faith in God, one of the few things that could carry the young man forward and have hope for the future. But anyway, things still weren’t going well. That is until one day little Matt, walking around Central Park, met a mysterious blind manwho called himself simply Stick. From the beginning, the man saw enormous potential in Matt, so he finally decided to dedicate himself to training him and developing his other senses to be able to see the world around him.

What Matt didn’t know, however, was that Stick was part of a cult, called Hand. This sect had precisely the objective of welcoming young people into its arms to make them deadly weapons. With his training, which he continued to follow throughout his growth path, Matt He developed his hearing to the maximum. What he could do was even better than what an ordinary person with sight could do. She managed to develop her hearing so much that she gained the same ability as blind bats to use sound waves to scan the area around her and understand what was around her. Furthermore, Stick was also a great master of mixed martial artstaught him everything he knew and Matt became a killing machine.

Aperit-Hero: Daredevil, the man without fear

Lawyer by day | Aperit-Hero: Daredevil, the man without fear

Matt Murdock’s life didn’t get off to the best start. Indeed, if we want to be honest, we struggle to think of a worse way for him to start his life. But Matt always had a dream: become a lawyer. To do this he needed all the support possible, a support that, fortunately, he received directly from the nuns and the parish priest who had raised him inside the orphanage. The reason Matt wanted to become a lawyer was to helping peopleoften managing to have the guilty incarcerated for crimes they had committed against their clients.

But not only that, thanks to the university he attended he met his only and best friend, Foggy Nelson. From their friendship was born a great collaboration, which would continue for a long time. In fact, their friendship led them to open a law firm.”Nelson & Murdock Attorneys at Law”. Just as they opened their practice, they dealt with their first victim, a young girl named Karen Page, who had risked her life for a man who held her captive and abused her. At the same time, his life as a lawyer was his life as an everyday hero, he was his true self and helped people by showing his face, without necessarily using a mask. What’s more, he was able to truly deliver justice, putting an end to the careers of many criminals.

Aperit-Hero: Daredevil, the man without fear

Night watchman | Aperit-Hero: Daredevil, the man without fear

The other aspect of Matt Murdock’s life represents his darkest and most vengeful side. However, this part of his life is necessary to ensure that the lawyer prevails in cases, or at least, he manages to take justice into his own hands by stopping criminals who have not been imprisoned for jury bribery or other similar reasons. This fundamental component of his life is obviously represented by his alter ego for which Matt Murdock has become a famous character: Daredevil. The most interesting thing to see about the Netflix adaptation is that the hero started with a commune tracksuit and some cotton fabric to cover his face. A very cheap costume, which still has its charm within the series.

But that’s not the point. The point is that Daredevil has a tenacity never seen before. The reason why Daredevil is so fascinating is that he himself has no powers, but his perseverance and obstinacy lead him to endure the most excruciating pain that an ordinary person would not be able to bear. When Matt Murdock is Daredevil, it’s like brought his father’s spirit with him. Daredevil acts on the battlefield exactly like Jack Murdock: even if he takes them, he gets up and continues to fight, scaring his opponents. The Murdock family was famous for having the devil in the body. Both Jack and Matt move with a confidence and swagger that scares enemies, despite being shot at multiple times. The favorite victim of Devil from Hell’s Kitchen he is actually the boss of a criminal organization, Wilson Fiskwho despite using all the weapons and money at his disposal to stop Daredevil, was ultimately defeated and his empire collapsed.

Aperit-Hero: Daredevil, the man without fear

The power of faith

Daredevil is a complex character, with many facets. This hero represents the human frailty and at the same time demonstrates all its strengths. But specifically, as far as Matt Murdock as a person, he proves that faith has great power. Our hero has always been a great practicing Christian, who has always placed his faith in God, read the Bible and used it to create his own life based on the tragedies that led him to grow as a person and as a hero . It is not important which deity you believe in, the important thing is to always have faith that your life will improve, with your own efforts and by facing your problems head on. Daredevil is a character who teaches us to grasp all our potential and use it to do good, both for ourselves and for the people we love most.

The Aperit-Hero episode with Daredevil ends here! Tell us what you thought of Daredevil, if you liked the series and if you are eagerly and excitedly awaiting his return in Daredevil: Born Again. Continue to follow us on so as not to miss the next episode of Aperit-Hero, always here, every day, at 6pm!

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