Aperit-Hero Savior: Loki, the Savior of the Multiverse

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Welcome back to this new episode of Aperit-Hero, the column where we talk about the events of the greatest heroes at the service of the weakest, whether they are saviors of a city, of the world or of the universe, but this time we talk about a hero who has accomplished a an even greater undertaking, that is, saving the multiverse, in fact in this Aperit-Hero Savior we talk about Loki!

In the previous episode of Aperit-Hero we talked about Thor, the strongest Avenger, analyzing the character in detail and what makes him the strongest in the Marvel universe. Today we will instead talk about his beloved brother Loki, a decade-old character played by Tom Hiddleston, one of the best actors of our time. In this episode we will analyze the path he faced, his adventures, but above all his evolution.

A birthright | Aperit-Hero Savior: Loki, the Savior of the Multiverse

Loki has always had bad luck in his life, since his early years he was discriminated against by the Asgardians because of his nature, but Loki never knew this until Odin revealed the truth to him. Before this event, Loki was a loving brother towards Thor, despite all the pranks and pranks he played on him, such as turning into a snake and stabbing him shortly after. In Norse culture, and also considering the power of the deities, this never led to the risk of killing Thor, Loki has always loved his brother, she simply enjoyed annoying him. Everything changed when, once he accompanied Thor to Jotunheim and faced the Frost Giants, he came into contact with one of them and discovered his true nature, confirmed by Odin shortly afterwards.

This revelation drastically changed the fate of the God of Deceit, unleashing in him such immense pain and such intense anger that to lose control. This first led Loki to want to kill the entire race of Frost Giants, thus repugnant to his nature, blaming them both for the abandonment by Laufey, and for the life he lived in Thor’s shadow, while the Asgardians feared him. After failing to exterminate the Frost Giants thanks to Thor’s intervention, Loki manages to escape. His escape is then linked to The Avengers, where Loki continues to vent his anger by trying to reclaim his throne over a kingdom, thus choosing that of Earth. This attempt also failed, ultimately leading to his arrest by Thor in Asgard.

Aperit-Hero Savior: Loki, the Savior of the Multiverse

Frigga’s death | Aperit-Hero Savior: Loki, the Savior of the Multiverse

Once he arrived in Asgard and locked up in the dungeons as punishment for his crimes, Loki continued to vent his anger against Odin and Thor. However, there was only one person who could appease the mind of the God, viz Frigga, the one who had loved him as if he were really her son. Frigga often visited Loki, making sure he could entertain himself with books, eating good meals, in short, she gave him all the benefits he needed. This, however, was not enough to take away his pain, which is why Loki, during the attack of the dark elf army of Malekithhe made the biggest mistake of his life: he unintentionally led Malekith’s first mate, with the aether (the power of the red gem) inside his body, to kill Frigga.

From this point, Loki undergoes another change: he teams up with Thor to avenge their mother’s death. Once again, although there is still immense pain in the spirit of the God of Deceit, the two brothers are united against a common enemy. Thanks to Loki, Thor manages to defeat Malekith’s first mate, however losing his life in battle (apparently). At the end of Thor The Dark WorldIn fact, Loki managed to seize the throne of Asgard, deceiving Thor without arousing suspicion. While Thor returns to Earth, Loki continues to reign, while Odin has isolated himself from everyone to process his wife’s death.

Aperit-Hero Savior: Loki, the Savior of the Multiverse

The importance of Thor in his life | Aperit-Hero Savior: Loki, the Savior of the Multiverse

We would like to reiterate this concept: Loki NEVER hated his brother Thor. As much as the two fought against each other, often without sparing blows and blood, Loki has always loved Thor as his brother and has always been the most important person in his life, just as Loki was for Thor . The two are two sides of the same coin, one cannot live without the other, especially because Thor has always loved and protected Loki, even if he sometimes ignored him due to his stubbornness. But Loki has always seen his brother as a figure of inspiration, a corner to hide in when things went wrong, always relying on him to distract himself, laugh and joke.

That’s why, at the end of his life, Loki sacrificed himself to save his brother. When Loki distracted Thanos to get him away from Thor, he knew what he was doing, what he was getting into. No one had a chance, Thanos was too powerful and the two Norsemen had been caught off guard. The only way for Thor to survive Thanos was sacrifice yourself for him. Loki knew he would die and had accepted it, both to show how much he loved his brother and to make up for all the mistakes he had made towards him. With his last act, Loki gets his redemption.

Aperit-Hero Savior: Loki, the Savior of the Multiverse

The sun will shine on us again | Aperit-Hero Savior: Loki, il Salvatore del Multiverso

The story, however, does not end here. Indeed, in the TV series dedicated to him, Loki’s story changes. The TVA represents a turning point in Loki’s history, making him very different (but not much) from the Loki we saw in the first Marvel films. What Loki faces at the TVA is a new path, an event that will completely change the character’s fate, making him much more than a simple God of Deception. Discovering what should have happened to him in his future, the moments he spent with his mother Frigga and with Thor, Loki finally opens his eyes and progressively begins to follow the path of hero that his brother had taken after his banishment. People Mobius becomes a fundamental figure for Loki’s change, the one who corrects him, follows him and shows him the right path to follow to ensure that he becomes something more than what he limited himself to being.

In fact, with the second season of his TV series, we see what it is the true essence of Loki. Working with Mobius and for the TVA, Loki also begins to understand what is right to do for the good of all, realizes the mistakes he has made, discovers who he really is, what he is afraid of, his weaknesses, a whole evolutionary path that leads to becoming the God of Stories. Loki tries to fix the mistakes his female counterpart has made Sylviekilling Kang and wreaking havoc on the multiverse. Loki faces himself to ensure that all existence does not end, spending centuries studying to prevent the multiverse from collapsing in on itself and saving billions of lives. Loki makes the greatest sacrifice by taking Kang’s placeso that all his friends, Mobius, Sylvie, Ouroboros, but above all Thor, live their lives and may every universe be saved. Loki makes a greater sacrifice than Tony Stark, making him the MCU’s greatest hero.

Aperit-Hero Savior: Loki, the Savior of the Multiverse

The end of a chapter and the beginning of a new | Aperit-Hero Savior: Loki, the Savior of the Multiverse

This appears to be the end of Loki’s character story, but is it really like that? What we know about the future of the MCU is that we’ll get to Avengers Kang Dynasty e Avengers Secret Wars, where the multiverse is at the center of everything. Loki has taken over as the Remainer, effectively becoming king of the multiverse, a role that is sure to keep him very busy. But is this really the end of his story? The answer seems obvious: Loki will be central to the next two Avengers films. The only one who can stop Kang is him, and he will gather all the heroes from every universe to stop the great threat, creating something even bigger than Avengers Endgame. Loki is the new great protagonist of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The Aperit-Hero episode comes to an end, we hope you enjoyed it! Let us know what you think in the comments. In the meantime, continue to follow us on TechGameWorld.com for the next episode which will be released, like every week, Saturday at 6pm.

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