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Apex Legends: a trailer for the mayhem battle pass!

Through press release, Respawn Entertainment has released a new trailer of the battle pass for the next season of Apex Legends: Mayhem

Not only eSports tournaments and competitions! Tomorrow, February 14, Apex Legends will be updated with the new season, Barraonda, on all platforms for which it is available. In the score hours, Respawn Entertainment has unveiled the Battle Pass with a new trailer. Players will be able to take on the role of Crypto with his “Technocrat” at level 25 and plummet to level 50 with the Valkyrie’s “Heartbeat Harmonizer”. The Legendary G7 Scout “Hectic Frequency” brings the heat and players can unlock epic skins for Bloodhound, Mirage and Loba. Complete the Mayhem Battle Pass to unlock the “Headliner” and “Afterparty” Mastiff Reactive skins, as well as unlock new music packs, loading screens, emotes, banner frames, and charms.

Furthermore, on the official EA blog, the many innovations that the arrival of Season 16 of Apex Legends will bring with it have been revealed. For example, a simple quality of life improvement: the legends will be rearranged on their screen according to the class they belong to. The perks associated with individual classes will be visible directly above the Legend skills. This reorganization will help players identify Legends who support the team or play similarly, and make it easier to understand the new roles. There will be five classes: Assault, Recon, Fighter, Control, Support. Each class will have an associated gameplay perk that will allow Legends to have access to new strategic options. In casual play, these perks will add spice to the game and place more emphasis on decision making. At the higher levels of competition, team composition will now determine which elements of gameplay players will have access to and which they will have to give up.

Apex Legends: Mayhem, here is the trailer for the Battle Pass!

Additionally, Team Deathmatch will make its Apex Games debut with Mayhem’s release. Get ready for no-holds-barred 6v6 battles in the first three weeks of the season! As in Control mode, also in Team Deathmatch you can choose your favorite legend, select the equipment and automatically respawn after elimination. To win a round your team must be the first to score 30 kills and the first team to win two rounds will win the match. After the first three weeks of Team Deathmatch, a new feature will be introduced that will allow you to enjoy some of the most popular limited-time modes: the permanent Mixtape playlist! With this new collection you will be able to dive headlong into the most frenetic and exciting fights of the quick return modes: Control, Team Deathmatch and Arms Rush.

All the other details on the next season of Apex Legends: Mayhem can be found on the Electronic Arts blog, have you seen the new trailer for the battle pass? What do you think about it? Let us know below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the gaming and tech-themed news, guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we suggest you take a look at the Kinguin catalogue!

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