Apex Legends: are the titans of Titanfall coming?

Apex Legends: in arrivo i titani di Titanfall?

According to a latest rumor on Twitter, it is possible that the titans of Titanfall arrive in Apex Legends, thus joining the two creatures by Respawn

We already knew that Apex Legends borrowed from Titanfall in some way but, soon, this link could be more sanctioned and legitimized from the introduction of the Titans into the battle royale. Titans which, in turn, are obviously a more than distinctive sign of the first person shooter series known just as Titanfall (which for now lives on two chapters). This news was circulated by a well-known dataminer on Twitter, let’s find out more.

Apex Legends: the titans of Titanfall with the new legend?

As previously mentioned to circulate the news of the arrival of the titans of Titanfall in Apex Legends was the well-known dataminer Biast12 via a video on your Twitter profile. Video exhibition the player himself calls a Titan into the game map. This novelty could come precisely with the introduction of the new legend which, according to what was declared by Biast12, should be called Lightning. Among his abilities, Blisk should therefore have the possibility of calling a classic Titan into play. Here is the video and the tweet we are referring to:

A definitive fusion between Apex Legends and the Titanfall series had already been talked about in the past and often, the same Respawn, had declared how much it was an interesting idea and that they were considering. At the same time, however, the team that gave birth to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, has also often stressed the difficulties of adapting the typical elements of a game structure like that of Titanfall to that of a battle royale, which lives on. of dynamics all their own. We will see, therefore, how it will evolve.

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