Apex Legends: Escape – The news that will change the game

Apex Legends: Escape, ecco la mappa Nuova Isola thumbnail

There is now little time left for the official release of Apex Legends: Escape, a title that will introduce many new features: let’s take a look at the official trailer.

Apex Legends: Escape – Release date e trailer ufficiale

Still a few days of waiting before the official release of the new one Apex Legends: Escape. The latest evolution of the award-winning hero shooter will be available starting in November 2. The game will also introduce a number of new features that will change the world of Apex Games.

Among the novelties we find the introduction of a familiar face to fans of the series, like the latest legend of the game: Ash. More than just the completely rebuilt Arena Superintendent, Ash is a simulacrum created by the woman who was once Dr. Ashleigh Reid. However, a trace of Leigh still remains within Ash, triggering his connections with another Doctor in the Arena.

More news are awaited regarding Apex Legends, which, SHE e Respawn Entertainment, are expected to release in the next few days. An expectation is therefore full of revelations, which will make fans of the series tremble. We remind you that the game will be available, starting November 2, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and PC via Origin and Steam.

In the meantime, however, we have already revealed a first map of the game here.

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