Instagram: the sticker link will be available to everyone

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Instagram is about to make the new one available to most users sticker link, thanks to which it is possible to link to users contents external to the social media. Previously available only for accounts with more than 10,000 followers, now this sticker should be distributed to all or almost all; Instagram has also specified that it will be possible to customize it according to your tastes.

Instagram: the sticker link will come for everyone

If you have followed the transition from the iconic Swipe Up to the sticker link, you will know that this sticker works in a very similar way to all the other stickers that can be applied to our stories. Just copy and paste the URL of the site to which we want to direct our users and that’s it. Up until now, the option has only been available to verified users with 10,000 or more subscribers, but it finally looks like it will now be available to everyone else as well.

A very welcome novelty, given that this was one of the reasons why Instagram has eliminated the Swipe Up function as a function of a simpler sticker; not to mention that in this way also i content creator of smaller size they will be able to take advantage of it without waiting to reach the previously requested follower quota.

Instagram: the sticker link will be available to everyone

It is worth emphasizing that not all people will be able to use the adhesive. New accounts and those who often share misinformation and hate speech will be unable to use the new feature, as well as those who post other content that goes against community guidelines. Instagram says this is part of its efforts to limit malicious content on the platform.

That said, it seems that the algorithm still has some problems in recognizing these malicious contents, given that in the last few hours reports of unfairly blocked users are flooding.