L'evento Gaiden di Apex Legends si mostra in un nuovo trailer thumbnail

Apex Legends’ Gaiden event is shown in a new trailer

Begin your epic story in the brand new Evento Gaiden available on Apex Legends. The limited-time event will be available until 2 August. During the Event, jump into the return of Armed and Dangerousand enjoy 40 adventurous cosmetics limited time – including anime-themed skins for Revenant, Mirage, Octane and Wattson – and more. Let’s find out all the details together.

The Gaiden event lands on Apex Legends

To celebrate the middle of the thirteenth season from Apex Legends the title welcomes the event Gaidenwhere players can experiment new modes to unlock new ones unique cosmetics for theirs Favorite legends.

This time themed Anime, the Gaiden event adds 40 new cosmetics that players can get their hands on.

With the return of the game mode Armed and Dangerous (Armed and Dangerous), players can complete special challenges to unlock new rewards in the epic battle royale, available for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Rewards for the first week of Apex Legends Gaiden include the epic skin Down Thunder by Fuse; the charm Bionic Buddy Gun and the epic skin 3030 “Cloudburst”. With 9 tiers of rewards, only three of them are cosmetic items, while the rest only grant game star points that will help you level up in the Battle Pass.

In addition to free rewards for challenges, you can get some cosmetics at a lower priceas the gaming market will present special offers during each week of the Gaiden event. In the second week, by completing all levels, you can get a Apex Pack normale it’s a Apex Pack of the Gaiden event.

Finally, for collectors who are planning to get all Gaiden-themed skinsthere is a special reward: the skin Prestige “Apex Commander” from Bangalore. For more information you can consult the official site.

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