PlayStation VR2: nuovi dettagli ufficiali sul funzionamento thumbnail

PlayStation VR2: new official details arrive on the operation

PlayStation VR2: new official details on thumbnail operation

Waiting for the official launch, Sony has released new information on the future PlayStation VR2 system. The Japanese house continues to focus on virtual reality as an evolution of the videogame world, despite the limited successes obtained in recent years and the PS VR2 project fits perfectly into this perspective.

The first details on PlayStation VR2

With a official blog post published in these hours, Sony has unveiled new details on the user experience guaranteed by PlayStation VR2. The Japanese house has confirmed the possibility of switch between the views of your surroundings and your content on PS VR 2 at any timeby simply pressing the function key or using the Control Center Board.

Also note that users will be able to take advantage of the broadcast function for PS VR2 to film yourself during the game by connecting a PS5 HD camera to the console. Sony makes it clear that there will be a chance to customize the play area using PS VR2 Sense controllers and integrated cameras.

PlayStation VR2 users will also be able to switch between VR modeswhich allows you to use the contents of giovo VR, ad a Cinema mode in which to view the user interface and the PS5 system. Sony’s new virtual reality system can count on various features and has all the credentials to become a new reference in the videogame offer of the Japanese house.

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