Apex Legends is preparing for the Sun Team Collection Event

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The summer up Apex Legends arrive early thanks toTeam collection event, which will take place in game from March 28 to April 11. As well as a new game mode – called Heatwave – the event will introduce new limited-time cosmetics, including irresistible Hawaiian shirts.

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Apex Legends: all the news of the Team of the Sun Collection Event

Heatwave is a new game mode that consists of a variation of the classic Battle Royale. In Heatwave players will have to deal with sporadic heat waves (hence the title of the mode) that inflict damage in outdoor environments. To survive you will therefore need to take shelter from the heat in buildings (or protect yourself with heat shields). As with the hottest summers, the advice is always the same: don’t go out during peak hours!

Among cosmetic itemsin addition to the aforementioned Hawaiian shirts, we will find scuba gear and much more, for as many as 24 limited-time cosmetics available for Ash, Mirage, Fuse and others.

Players will also be able to earn additional items with event rewards and, those who will unlock all 24 cosmetics before April 11thwill receive Ash’s “Strongest Link” heirloom.

Now go, dominate and, if you can, find relief in the shade.

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