With ChatGPT, Bing competes (for real) with Google

Bing integra ChatGPT, per sfidare Google thumbnail

The integration of ChatGPT technology in Bing propelled the search engine to success Microsoftso much so that it competes better with the market leader Google. The data of Similawebreported by Reuters, testify to the beginning of a real competition between the two companies.

Bing really competes with Google – thanks to ChatGPT

According to the most recent data, the Page visits on Bing increased by 15.8% since Microsoft unveiled its AI-powered version on February 7th. By contrast, Google’s search engine saw a nearly 1% decline, data through March 20 show.

The generative AI of OpenAI, thanks to the technology behind ChatGPT, has brought Bing to an unexpected success. And it’s not surprising: Adoption of ChatGPT too has seen a staggering increase.

With this strategic advantage, Microsoft can put Google’s virtually total dominance in the search engine market at risk. For this reason, the Mountain View company has also tried to recover, launching the phis own Bard version (in North America).

Gil Luria, an analyst at DA Davidson & Co, speaking to Reuters, said he expects Bing to gain market share in search in the coming months. Especially if Google will continue ardelaying the integration of generative AI into its product. “Bing has less than a tenth of the market share of Google, so even if it converts 1% or 2% of users it will be materially beneficial to Bing and Microsoft,” Luria said.

Even app downloads for Bing have increased eight-fold globally. Those of Google, on the other hand, decreased by 2%. Google, which nearly 20 years ago ousted Yahoo to become dominant in the search market, could easily catch up. Especially since its algorithm remains the most popular for searches. But it needs to catch up on the ground of generative AI.