Apex Legends: Legacy, here is the time of the update of season 9

Revealed the time of the update of the season 9 of Apex Legends: Legacy, let’s find out together with all the details of the case in this dedicated news

The well-known battle royale by Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts is updated, thus reaching its ninth season which, however, seems to be very different from the previous ones. First of all, despite the fact that the wording is often used for convenience “season 9”, it should be emphasized that this new season is presented only as Apex Legends: Legacy, without numbering and represents a big change from what has been the life of the title so far; change that will come to a schedule well accurate.

Apex Legends: Legacy: the time of the season 9 update has been decided

The schedule for the update of Apex Legends season 9, which takes the name of “Legacy”, is set for 19:00 on Tuesday 4th May. Among the main changes are certainly: the new legend Valkyrie, the new Arena mode, a new weapon and numerous changes to the various legends and the Olympus map. To find out all the news of the new patch, we invite you to take a look at our dedicated article.

Apex Legends: Legacy, here is the time of the update of season 9

This is a big step forward for the title that, with this update, it will try to raise the bar, taking a position, within the videogame world, of first floor. What do you think? Are you in hype for Legacy? Are you curious to try the biggest news: the arena mode? Let us know everything in the section dedicated to your comments.

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