Apex Legends Legacy: the trailer of the battle pass of the season 9

The content of the Legacy battle pass, season 9 of Apex Legends, has been revealed in the new trailer

The season 9 at Apex Legends, also known by the title Legacy, will start this evening at 19:00 and, for the occasion, a new one has been made available for players Battle Pass, whose content is visible in the trailer official appeared yesterday on the video game’s YouTube channel. Let’s see in detail what are the rewards it offers us.

Apex Legends Legacy: the content of the battle pass of season 9 in the new trailer

As already mentioned above, there are really numerous innovations present in this ninth season of the battle royale produced by EA and several of these are accessible through the battle pass. The tiers are in fact 100 and their content is extremely variable: they can be related to the aesthetics of the characters and weapons, for which they are present in this season 9 different new skins; they can be, alternatively, gods additional content like new loading screens and new banners for legends.

As you can see from this trailer, the Apex Legends Legacy battle pass also contains many other types of rewards, always linked to the updates made with the new season 9. There are in fact new and exclusive skydive emote, original and caustic Quip and finally, Charm of various workmanship to embellish their weapons. All these tiers are obtainable through the premium version of the battle pass, but there are also rewards that can be obtained without the purchase of the package: Legacy in fact provides for the presence of free tier, in a decidedly lower number but still interesting and capable of enriching the gaming experience.

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