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Apex Legends Mobile: Available next week for select regions

Electronic Arts has announced that Apex Legends Mobile will be available in preview in select regions from next week

The title Apex Legends Mobile by Electronic Arts, will finally be available next week for a limited number of regions. A new FAQ has revealed that the battle royale will become playable in 10 countries which will be: New Zealand, Singapore, Australia, Argentina, Philippines, Mexico, Peru, Malaysia and Colombia. This preview release will continue until the spring while the development team will continue to work on mobile game systems pending the final worldwide launch.

Apex Legends Mobile available in some countries around the world

Apex Legends Mobile will only be available in certain countries of the world while waiting for it to arrive everywhere. At the moment in these countries it is possible to make the pre-registration for both iOS and Android. In this test version the legends: Bloodhound, Bangalore, Octane, Caustic, Mirage, Pathfinder, Wraith and many more. Additional content and systems will be added in the final version. As for the release of the latter, the developers will also decide based on the information gathered in these regional launches.

Apex Legends Mobile: Available next week for select regions

It was reiterated that there will be no cross-play option of the title with the console and PC versions, as Apex Legends Mobile is built to work specifically in the mobile environment. Regarding the requirements to be able to playyou will need an Android 8.1 with 3GB of space and 3GB of RAM recommended for Android users, for Apple users instead an iPhone 65 or higher, 3GB of space and 2GB of RAM.

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