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Apex Legends Mobile: here is the new legend who will join Season 2

Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile is about to arrive, and taking advantage of the wait Respawn wanted to reveal a new legend that will join the game, named Rhapsody

While the original Apex Legends game now has a well-established existence, awaiting its fourteenth season to date, the smartphone and mobile counterpart Apex Legends Mobile still has a very broad future ahead of it. The title was officially launched only in mid-May of the current year, but in any case is already welcoming its Season 2, which will certainly bring several new features including unpublished legends, weapons, maps and other features that will further vary the gameplay.

With Season 1 of Apex Legends Mobile it was also introduced the first exclusive character of the battle royale for iOS and Android, that is Fade: he appears as a variation of one of the most popular legends, namely Wraith, with abilities that, however, are much better suited for playing on a small screen. Now, with the arrival of Season 2, Apex Legends Mobile will still receive a new legend among those available, presented under the name of Rhapsody.

The new Rhaspody legend in Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile

In a trailer launched just this week, the Respawn studio has officially announced the latest Legend that will debut in Season 2 of Apex Legends Mobile: Rhapsody appears as a decidedly rhythm-loving DJ, assisted by a bot controlled by AI “Rowdy”. The Legend therefore seems ready to go wild with dance and rhythm in the matches of Apex Legends Mobile, taking advantage of music and rhythm-themed special skills.

In the introduction to Rhapsody, it turns out that it originated in Komma, a city controlled by a powerful technology conglomerate named Pythas Inc. The girl used her love of music in order to escape the nighttime neighborhood of Neon Dunes, making her one of the hottest Legends in Apex. Her mother is a brilliant engineer specializing in artificial intelligence and therefore the creator of Rowdy, who ended up being fired by Pythas Inc. for discovering company secrets. To restore the family name and repay the various accumulated debts, daughter Rhapsody is now competing in the Apex Games.

There are also more updates on the way for Season 2 “Distortion,” officially arriving on July 12th. In order to always stay on track, we suggest that you always take a look at our site, and in case you are interested in finding other games at discounted prices, the Instant Gaming site periodically offers interesting discounts to take advantage of.

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