Apex Legends: Servers will continue to have problems

Apex Legends and its servers are certainly not exempt from having problems but it seems that Respawn is finding it difficult to solve the problem

The inability to connect within Apex Legends’ servers is creating a big deal for the Respawn team. Previously, the game had been targeted by a hacker attack: the motive was to bring attention back to Titanfall, a series that has found a descent into oblivion by the development studio, in favor of the most popular battle royale. Apex Legends. However, this new problem actually is fruit of patch 10.1, which included the new Evolution event released on September 14 within the game.

Apex Legends servers taken out of the new update

Respawn herself confirmed through a tweet the problems that arose, stating that she had recorded the triple the extra disconnections than usual, and on every platform. So the culprit from which the numerous disconnections derive would be the update of the game. Also in the tweet, they claim to have increased the capacity of Apex Legends’ servers, and to have more days of maintenance planned. The developers will try to fix everything by September 22 with a new patch, and in the meantime they will extend the duration of the ongoing event.

Among the additions present in the event, there is also a change to the ultimate of the Rampart Legend. There was also the will to remove the skill to use tap-strafing, a technique that consists in suddenly changing direction in mid-air to continue moving at speed. However, the idea was sidelined, as Respawn said eliminating it would generate unexpected side effects.

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