Apex Legends: the new Evolution event is upon us

Apex Legends: il nuovo evento Evoluzione è alle porte, ecco i dettagli thumbnail

Respawn and Electronic Arts have unveiled Apex Legends’ next limited-time collection event, “Evolution,” which will take place September 14-28. The modder, Frontier Rampart, shows the hustlers on duty who’s in charge with the Rampart Town Takeover, a new Heirloom, and even an upgrade to the old Sheila machine gun.

Apex Legends: the Evolution event arrives

The Evolution collection event has arrived. Unlock limited-time cosmetic items for Wraith, Octane, Pathfinder, Fuse, Bangalore, Rampart e Lifeline, and discover what our Legends could become over time and with the help of technology. Meanwhile, our favorite gunsmith is busy showing those wimp who’s in charge with the Rampart area, Big Maude. Check out Big Maude, between Lava City and Geyser. We are sure it will be one of the most visited points of interest of Season 10.

Below is a brief summary of all the activities that players are looking forward to:

  • Rampart Arena Extravaganza: Rampart has slipped into Arenas, offering modified weapons at special prices. These sale weapons replace the original versions for the match, making lower tiers of that same weapon unavailable.
  • Rampart’s Town Takeover: Rampart is opening the mod shop of his dreams, the Big Maude, which is located near Lava City in World’s End. This modification shop includes a paintball course out front; Inside, players can use collected materials to purchase Rampart’s modified and customized paintball guns from the new vending machines, which come already fully equipped at different levels.
  • Rampart Heirloom and Updates: Rampart is getting its “Problem Solver” in the form of a brand new Heirloom wrench, complete with a chewing gum dispenser. Plus, Sheila went mobile with the new update.
  • Limited cosmetic items for the event: Unlocking the Legendary and Rare skins for Wraith, Octane, Pathfinder, Fuse, Bangalore, Rampart and Lifeline allows us to take a look at what our Legends could become with time and technology on their side.

We advise you to take a look at the official website to find out in detail all the patch notes.

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