Will you soon be able to choose which posts to view first on Instagram?

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Users may soon have an actual check your Instagram feed. Indeed, it seems that it will be possible prioritize some accounts included in the list of “favorites”, for view their posts at the top of the Instagram feed.

Will Instagram add the ability to sort posts displayed in the feed?

You don’t usually pay equal attention to all the people and companies you follow on social media. Some of them are more important to users than others, but their posts often get lost in the algorithm-driven feed stream. But soon it will be possible prioritize some accounts, to display them at the top of your feed and not miss a single post.

The Italian developer Alessandro Paluzzi, which is part of a community of people hunting for new features currently under development, seems to have discovered something new on Instagram. The feature that the social network would be working on is called “Favorites”, or “Favorites” in English.

It appears that users will be able to add their favorite accounts to this list, hence the name, and have their posts appear first in their feed. The app will also suggest on its own the accounts to add to the list, perhaps based on post interactions.

Favorites would loosely follow in the footsteps of the Close Friends feature introduced by Instagram in 2018 which allowed people to share private stories with a small circle of friends. These stories, viewed only by those on the list, appear first in the app. Instead of prioritizing Stories, the new functionality would only apply to the Feed and it will be up to the follower to decide who to include in the list.

Alessandro Paluzzi’s discoveries turned out to be in reality most of the time, so we hope that this too will materialize. It would be really useful to be able to see the posts that we think are most interesting in the foreground.

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