Apex Legends: the trailer for Season 9 illustrates the news

Respawn Entertainment has released a new trailer dedicated to Apex Legends, which highlights the news that will characterize Season 9

Last week the developers of Respawn Entertainment they raised the curtain on Season 9 of their Apex Legends, via a spectacular cinematic trailer that introduced the character of Valkyrie, as well as references to Titanfall. In addition to this, however, the team had not disclosed further information regarding the news that would characterize the new series of events. At least until today, since a new movie, thanks to which it is possible to take a preliminary look at all the unpublished implementations that will await us in a few days in the title distributed by EA.

Apex Legends: the news of Season 9 in a trailer

The most important news of this Season 9 of Apex Legends sees, as mentioned, the introduction of Valkyrie, a new playable Legend, daughter of one of the main antagonists present in Titanfall 2. Belonging to the category of Recon, the character will have the opportunity to scan the environment, use a jetpack, launch a swarm of mini rockets and, finally, launch into the air and then crash violently to the ground (also involving teammates).

Legacy (this is the name of the new season) will, however, also introduce some gameplay innovations, in the form in the Arena mode, a more classic PvP mechanism, which has its roots in old signed games Respawn, come Titanfall.

Arena it will catapult us into clashes 3v3, divided into rounds to be played within 5 different maps, and to win we will have to excel in at least three of the sessions. Each round will begin with a basic equipment and some materials to use, so as to allow each player to use the approach to the match most congenial to him.

In addition, a new weapon, the Bocek Bow, devastating at medium range but plagued by a very long reload time. There Olympus mapinstead, it will see the introduction of theIcarus, a vessel that may appear in some areas, which will cover with a parasite of unknown origin.

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