Apple: all ready for the White House summit on cyber security

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Apple will be among the US technology companies attending a meeting today at the White House to discuss the IT security and the possible threats posed by open source software. There will be many participants and we will discuss all the security measures to be taken to make the web safe, both for individuals and for companies.

Apple: all ready for the meeting at the White House

The meeting will be held by the United States National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan and will focus on “open source software security concerns and how it can be improved,” to quote the release verbatim. The meeting resulted from concerns about a security vulnerability found in the open source software Log4j a few weeks ago.

Vulnerability, which represented, and to some extent still represents, a threat to organizations using Log4j around the world, has allowed hacker to control various private and public systems and remotely execute a sequence of malicious codes.

According to Sullivan, open source software like Log4j represents a huge national security problem, as it is often used and maintained by volunteers. The meeting should also be attended by Google, IBM, Meta, Microsoft and Oracle. It is difficult to imagine where this meeting will lead, but given the realities involved, it is likely that alternative solutions will be offered.