Apple allows Netflix, Spotify and Kindle to link to its site

Apple concede a Netflix, Spotify e Kindle di linkare al proprio sito thumbnail

To close an investigation of theJapanese antitrust, Apple has decided to grant the “reader” app come Netflix, Spotify e Kindle to add a link to the site, to pay for subscriptions and register. All while avoiding the now known 30% commission on in-app purchases.

Apple allows Netflix, Spotify and Kindle to add a link to their site

The move comes at a rather turbulent time for Apple’s App Store, which has been under the magnifying glass of many antitrust organizations and governments around the world. The main reason for the disputes is the obligation for developers to use the Apple’s in-app payments. In doing so, they hand over 30% of the fees to Apple. Apple ensures that this rule is to protect the safety of users. But big apps like Netflix or Spotify have long since removed the ability to subscribe directly from the app smartphone, asking users to subscribe from the site.

To do this, until yesterday they would have had to open a new browser tab and look for the right address, because Apple prevented from aadd a link within the app. Which would have been more comfortable and safer for users, avoiding ending up in the wrong site by distraction.

Apple now accepts apps to link to their payment site instead. Furthermore, in the press release released, Apple agrees to submit its system to the Japanese antitrust analysis once a year for the next three years.

However, it should be noted that Apple has agreed to do so only for “readerapp, as required by the Japanese body. So apps for video or music streaming like Netflix and Spotify, or to read books like Kindle. All games and service apps are not included: must provide usable media on purchase or subscription.

Understanding the boundaries of this standard won’t be easy and we expect more than one developer to complain about not being included in the selection. But we will know with time: Apple says this new system will go into operation in 2022. We will keep you informed.

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