GTA 6: a fan invades a German show to know the release date

GTA 6: un fan invade uno show tedesco per sapere la data d'uscita thumbnail

During yesterday evening, German television witnessed a rather bizarre scene. During a live episode of Beat The Star (a much loved show in Germany) a man broke onto the stage pretending to know there GTA 6 release date by the host of the show, who obviously has absolutely nothing to do with the video game, before being removed from security.

GTA 6: a fan invades a show to find out the release date

Strong but very clear words, those pronounced by this guy about GTA 6: “What I want to know is where the hell is GTA 6. I’ve been waiting for eight years for GTA 6!”. In response, the pipeline of the program simply replied that they do not know at what point the work on the next Grand Theft Auto is, specifying that the fifth chapter has yet to be finished.

The man was then removed from security after about a minute of ranting, accompanied by applause, even if it is difficult to determine whether they were due to his intervention or simple solidarity. Many have theorized that it could be a marketing move by Rockstar in preparation for an official announcement, but the odds are extremely low and such an intervention would not be in line with the policies of the software house.

In this sense, the confused reactions of the audience and presenters are quite explanatory about what is actually happening on the screen. Instead, it could simply be a fan who took advantage of the show to make his voice heard, in the hope that Rockstar was listening.

However, one thing is evident: the sixth chapter of GTA is certainly creating great expectations from the fans, who can’t wait to get their hands on it, even though it hasn’t even been officially announced yet.

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