Apple and Disney: collaboration on virtual reality content?

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There was already news that Apple was launching the virtual and mixed reality headset. What’s new, however, is that the contents for this Apple device have been created in collaboration with Disney. Here are the details.

Apple and Disney collaborate on virtual reality content

Apple and Disney are reportedly collaborating on making virtual reality content for use in the mixed reality headset that the most famous Silicon Valley company is slated to launch this year.

It should also be added that the viewer was developed in collaboration with Sony Group. How will it be structured? It will feature dual ultra-high resolution displays, external cameras for virtual reality and a range of pass-through modes for augmented reality.

Apple TV for mixed reality headset

Not only content in collaboration with Disney: with the mixed reality viewer it will be possible to watch everything Apple TV offers. Indeed, many of the contents will be updated to be used in the best possible way with this type of device.

The headset from the Silicon Valley giant should be launched in the spring of this year and the price should reportedly be around $3,000. Twice as many Meta Platforms headphones costing $1,500.

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More Apple products due out in 2023

Not only a mixed reality viewer, but also many other products will see the light this year. One of them will be the iPhone 15, iPhone 15‌ Plus, ‌iPhone 15‌ Pro e ‌iPhone 15‌ Pro Max. In 2023, all new iPhones should support Dynamic Island which is limited to iPhone 14 Pro models as of now.

It appears that Apple is moving away from Lightning and is ready to adopt instead USB-C, the same connector already used for Mac and iPad. USB-C will enable universal charging across most of Apple’s range of devices. On some models it may allow for faster charging speeds.