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The quiet revolution is made with tortellini

Il tortellini it is one of the most iconic symbols of our cuisine, also due to its deep connection with the territory. A simple dish only in appearance, which requires great attention for its preparation. Above all, the perfect representation of the party, of that love that is born and develops through the kitchen. These are the elements that led to the birth of Tortellantean exceptional reality, told in the podcast The quiet revolution, created by MINI with the support of middle chorapresented just today at the Berton restaurant from Milan.

MINI and Chora Media tell us about Tortellante’s quiet revolution

The project of Tortellante was born in January 2016, starting from an initiative of some parents of autistic children, also present today at the official presentation of the podcast. A reality one in a kind, which however has the potential to be replicated in many other forms. Perhaps taking inspiration from the many culinary traditions that our country can offer.

The idea is to involve autistic children in the production of tortellini, typically Emilian pasta, characterized by a unique shape. To make it you need skilled and capable hands, but above all a lot of love. A concept that combines perfectly with the claim Big Love which has long characterized the MINI brand.

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Making these tortellini for kids is a rewarding experience, not least because they can see and experience first-hand the results of your workbut most of all share them with your family. But Tortellante is also a “school of independence”. Conceived as traditional workshops, with accommodation above the laboratory, it offers the opportunity for young people to to test in a specific context.

All with the involvement of a scientific team who studies a dedicated path for each of the boys. But not only that, because also the whole community take part in the Tortellante, as well as in the podcast that tells its story, including the legendary rezdoresthe Modenese ladies who have looked after and protected the secret of fresh pasta for generations.

An idea that deserved to become a podcast

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The relationship between MINI and Tortellante developed through the chef Massimo Bottura, which has long been associated with this association. A collaboration was born which, as he said Roberto OliviDirector of Institutional Relations and Communication BMW Italy, it’s early transformed into the podcast The gentle revolutionwith the involvement of middle chora.

Mario CalabresiCEO and founder of the latter, explained during the presentation how much the story of Tortellante is suitable for such a project. It is an intimate and strong story, capable of touching the hearts of listeners and enthralling them. Naturally though needed a narrator capable of returning all this to the listeners and the research has been carried out with care.

Calabresi told how there were essential parameters to meet. We needed a writer, an Emilian writer, an Emilian writer who had close ties with the territory… Once the identikit was finished, there was a clear answer in front of my eyes: Henry Brizzi.

Just him he welcomed this opportunity with joy, explaining during the presentation of The Quiet Revolution how important tortellino is for its land of origin. And this is why the Tortellante project looks like this meaningful and excitingbinding to one of Emilia’s most powerful symbols of love.

The Quiet Revolution, made by MINI with support from Chora Media, is available on all platforms

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Roberto OliviBMW Italia Director of Institutional Relations and Communication, commented on the official presentation of The Quiet Revolution as follows:

“The link between MINI and the Tortellante has a double common thread: on the one hand, the similarity between the British brand, which was born as the smallest car and uses space intelligently, and the tortellini, one of the ‘objects’ little ones in the kitchen; on the other, the theme of love: cooking is a gesture of love and love has always been among the protagonists of the MINI campaigns. Both, both MINI and Tortellante, carry out their projects with the desire to give value to the weakest realities of society“.

He was joined, in connection from New York, by Lara Gilmoreco-founder of Tortellante:

“People’s lives can be changed step by step, tortellini after tortellini. Together we have succeeded in transforming difficulties and disabilities into resources for society. We hope that Tortellante can be a model to copy, repeat and imagine big. Let’s give a chance to the future of our children and Tortellante“.

Finally concludes the CEO and founder of Chora Media Mario Calabresi:

“Tortellante is a project with a very high level of professionalism and care. There is not only the reporting of a problem, but also an answer. I think it is a fundamental model to be replicated to give answers to a condition in which families are left alone. It’s a way to build skills, pride and a chance for the future.”

If you are curious about learn more about the history of Tortellanteyou can discover it in detail by listening to The Quiet Revolution, available on all major podcast platforms.

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