Con iOS 15.4 si aggiorna anche AirTag. Ecco cosa cambia thumbnail

Apple and Google work to prevent stalking with AirTags and the like

Apple and Google work to prevent stalking with AirTags and similar thumbnails

Apple e Google they presented one proposed industry standard to counter security threats related to AirTag and other devices Bluetooth localization: a solution to prevent them from being used for stalking and more. The two companies announced on Tuesday that the new standard provides for the adoption of “unauthorized tracking detection and warning capabilities” on Android and iOS devices.

Apple and Google, together to avoid stalking with AirTags and the like

The proposed specification indicates a set of best practices for IPmanufacturers of Bluetooth tracking devices, such as AirTags. Which Apple and Google say should help prevent the “misuse” of location trackers that expose users to the risk of stalking, harassment and theft.

As described in the document, the detection of unwanted tracking should “find and warn people”. Something that is activated when a tracker separated from its owner moves with you. And then it can also provide guidance on how locate and deactivate the device.

Apple AirTag

Other companies making similar tracking devices including Tile, Chipolo, Eufy Security, Samsung and Pebblebeehave already expressed their agreement to the proposed standard.

Following the launch of Apple’s AirTag in 2021, privacy advocates have raised concerns about the device’s security. Several domestic violence centers have stated that i tracking devices had been a problem for years before the AirTag was launched.

Apple has improved its unknown AirTag alerts on iPhone and created an app that scans unwanted trackers on Android. Solutions of this type make it possible to avoid the use of trackers to follow people for malicious purposes. But they don’t reduce the utility for locating and finding your items.

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