Apple and Microsoft do not want iMessage and Bing on the EU list of “gatekeepers”

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It seems that Microsoft e Apple they don’t want to Bing e iMessage in the list of “gatekeepers”, large services subject to the new European regulations. These regulations, known as the Digital Markets Act (DMA), aim to promote competition in the technology sector and regulate large digital platforms. However, both Microsoft and Apple would be arguing that their services aren’t big or powerful enough.

Microsoft and Apple do not want Bing and iMessage among the “gatekeepers” of the EU

The European Commission has announced that iOn September 6, it will publish a list of designated gatekeepers of the DMA. These are the specific companies and services that will be subject to ARstricter rules on interoperability and competition. The designation of the “gatekeepers” is based on criteria such as the come in and the number of platform users.

Apple e Microsoftalong with other tech companies like Amazon, Alphabet, Meta, ByteDance e Samsung, were already on the preliminary list. But now the commission will have to determine which parts of their businesses will be subject to DMA rules. Once designated, i “gatekeepers” will have six months, until March 2024, to adapt to the new rules. But Apple and Microsoft appear poised to avoid iMessage and Bing being on the list, according to the Financial Times (via The Verge).

Microsoft appears ready to accept the designation of its platform Windows as a “gatekeeper”: given the predominance of the operating system, it seems an obligatory step. However, the company disputes Bing’s relatively small market share in online search, compared to the Google domain. Duties such as giving users access to competing search engines could further damage your position in the market.

Instead, Apple would be working on solutions that would allow for open iOS to third-party app stores and sideloading. However, the company claims that iMessage falls short of the 45 million monthly active user mark provided by the DMA. So you wouldn’t want to accept the restrictions on messaging services.

It remains to be evaluated whether the positions of the two companies will be verified by the EU, which has set the parameters for the DMA. We’ll find out soon, as the official announcement comes tomorrow.

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