Starfield: how to change appearance

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In this guide we will explain how to change the appearance of your protagonist on Starfield quickly and easily

Starfield definitely was one of the most anticipated titles of the year and consequently many players were really eager to try it. The impatience to jump into Bethesda’s latest adventure, however, may have prompted some players to neglect the character creation process. If you are now no longer satisfied with the appearance of your Starfield protagonist, we will explain it to you in this guide how to change its features quickly and easily.

Starfield: how to change appearance

Where to go | Starfield: how to change appearance

To change appearance on Starfield you need to visit a genetic clinic. These shops are present in all the main cities of the game, but the easiest one to get to in the beginning is found in New Atlantis.

To find the clinic, just take the shuttle that takes you into the commercial district and go straight on until you see it on the left a store full of billboards. Once inside, just talk to the clerk to be able to start the character creation process again for the modest sum of 500 credits.

Starfield: how to change appearance

What can you change | Starfield: how to change appearance

Once you have paid the 500 credits you will end up in the same character editor that you used at the beginning of the game. That means it now you will again be able to change every single aspect of your PG, including gender and skin color. Also Fryou can also change your name and the pronouns you use.

Depending on the shop you are in, however, you will also be able to access some unique customization options. For example the genetics clinic in Neon features a large number of facial tattoos to choose from, while that of Paradiso instead boasts a greater number of hairstyles to choose from. So, if you think that your PG’s appearance can still be improved, we advise you to try to enter every new genetic clinic you come across.

Starfield: how to change appearance

What you can’t change | Starfield: how to change appearance

Unfortunately, genetic clinics don’t allow you to change everything about your PG. In Starfield indeed it is not possible to change the background in any way chosen at the start of the game. Also noYou won’t even be able to change skills or change the allocation of skill points.

In genetic clinics it is also not possible to change i traits of your PG, but for this there is a special shop. In fact, on the east side of the commercial district you can find a medical shop where you can also change the initial traits of your protagonist.

Starfield: how to change appearance

A new face

This concludes our guide on how to change the appearance of your Starfield protagonist. Now that you have a PC that you are satisfied with, you can finally start exploring space without any worries. Our article ends here but, if you want to know more about Starfield, below you will find many others guide dedicated to the game:

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