Apple announces the winners of the 2023 App Store Awards

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Also arriving for 2023 are the App Store Award winnersannounced by Apple. This year, 14 apps and games have been recognized for their contribution to allowing people to express their creativity, discover new adventures and have fun with friends and family. Apps and games by developer from all over the world, recognized for their excellence nell’technical innovationnell’user experience It is in the design.

Apple announces the winners of the 2023 App Store Awards

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, expressed his excitement about developers’ continued commitment to creating extraordinary apps and games that redefine our world. He praised the developers, saying: “This year’s winners demonstrate the limitless potential of developers to bring their vision to life by creating ingenious apps and games, of exceptional quality, and driven by the goal of creating a positive impact. ”.

The winning apps and games of the App Store Award 2023 represent a level of creativity, technical innovation e design exemplary in the Apple ecosystem and on the App Store.

App Store Award Winners 2023:


  • AllTrails (iPhone App of the Year)
  • Ready-to-Makeup (iPad App of the Year)
  • Photomator (Mac App of the Year)
  • THE BAD (Apple TV App of the Year)
  • SmartGym (App Apple Watch dell’anno)


Star Rail

  • Honkai: Star Rail (iPhone Game of the Year)
  • Lost in Play (iPad Game of the Year)
  • Lies of P (Mac Game of the Year)
  • Hello Kitty Island Adventure (Apple Arcade Game of the Year)

Winners in the “Cultural Impact” category:

In addition to the awards for the best apps and games, Apple’s App Store editorial team selected five winners for the “Cultural Impact” categoryrecognizing their ability to drive positive change through their apps and games.

  • Pok Pokdigital playroom with inclusion first
  • I speakwhich creates augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools
  • Too Good To Gowhich reduces food waste (here is our test)
  • Unpackingzen game full of puzzles
  • Finding Hannaha treasure hunt that traces the transition to adulthood

Trend of the Year:

The developers have embraced generative AI in 2023, a trend evident in apps that integrate this technology in different ways. Even though many features are still in development, these apps offer users direct experience with technology.

The App Store Award 2023 they represent a tribute to developers and their creations, showcasing the value of technological innovation and user experience in shaping today’s digital ecosystem.

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