De’Longhi Rivelia review: the best coffee at your home

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The Rivelia De’Longhi automatic coffee machine work with freshly ground coffee beans to ensure a taste deep and intense. This device offers a wide range of beverage options, including espresso, cappuccino, latté e American coffee. Furthermore, it can be used to prepare hot drinks such as land e infusion.

The Rivelia is equipped with a display touch a colori which makes it easier to choose drinks and customize settings. Furthermore, it integrates an automatic system cleaning which facilitates the maintenance.

A further important feature is the ability to store up to 4 user profiles, allowing them to personalize their favorite drinks and save them, further simplifying the coffee and hot drink experience. The machine keeps in memory the individual settings of each user, guaranteeing a personalized service every time it is used.

Design materials and dimensions | De’Longhi Rivelia review

The Rivelia De’Longhi coffee machine it is a compact and design machine, available in 4 colours, including white. The white model has an elegant and minimalist design, with a glossy white plastic body. The machine is equipped with a color touch display positioned at the top of the machine, which allows you to select drinks and customize their settings.

The Rivelia has dimensions of 24.5 x 43 x 38.5 cm, with a weight of approximately 8 kg. It is therefore a fairly compact machine, which can be easily placed on a work surface.

The materials used in the construction of the Rivelia are of high quality. The body is in glossy white plastic, while the coffee group is in metal. The machine is equipped with a heating system that ensures that the coffee is always hot and creamy.

The aesthetic of the Rivelia is modern and minimalist. The white and glossy design gives the machine an elegant and refined appearance. The machine fits perfectly into any kitchen, whether modern or classic.

The only flaw of the color is probably its “dirtiness”. Each coffee speck stands out very much on the white, but the elegance given by the glossy white makes you quickly forget this imperfection.

Here are some additional details:

  • The Rivelia features a removable 1.2 liter water tank, which makes cleaning easy.
  • The brew group is removable for more thorough cleaning.
  • The Rivelia is equipped with an activated carbon filter that eliminates impurities from the water, improving the flavor of the coffee.

An unforgettable coffee | De’Longhi Rivelia review

The coffee machine Rivelia it is much more than a simple coffee machine. He is a true coffee craftsman, capable of creating a tailor-made drink to satisfy the tastes of every enthusiast. Every cup of espresso or any other drink can be completely customized with a simple swipe of your finger thanks to the display touchoffering the possibility to adjust the length (4 levels) and theintensity (5 levels).

But it doesn’t end here. Rivelia offers an even more rewarding coffee experience with the ability to create and save 4 user profiles different, each characterized by a colored icon and a name. This means you and your loved ones can have your perfect coffee, ready to serve with just one touch.

And for true connoisseur coffee lovers, Rivelia offers something even more extraordinary: the Bean Adapt Technology. This innovative function allows you to tell the machine what type of coffee beans you are using 100% Arabica or a blend of Arabica and Robustatogether with the degree of roasting of the beans.

The machine will not only brew a cup of coffee based on these preferences, but will also ask for a rating. You can choose between “Balanced, ok for me”, “Watery and light” or “Too strong”. The answer provided allows you to establish the ideal extraction temperature and suggests the recommended grinding degree, which is easily adjusted by turning a washer.

In short, Rivelia is much more than a coffee machine. He is a reliable companion for all coffee lovers, able to adapt to the most demanding tastes and offer a tailor-made coffee like no other. A true masterpiece of coffee art at your fingertips.

Not just coffee | De’Longhi Rivelia review

The Rivelia she is a true master of the art of preparing a wide range of drinks, including:

  • Espresso: The classic drink based on espressorich and with an intense flavour.
  • Cappuccino: A perfect combination of espresso, latte and a soft one milk foam.
  • Latté: A delicious fusion of espresso, latte and latte macchiato.
  • American coffee: A light, diluted coffee based espresso mixed with hot water.
  • Hot water based drinks: Furthermore, the Rivelia is able to prepare tea and herbal teas, constantly maintaining the ideal temperature.

The quality of drinks it is the flagship of Rivelia. The espresso is creamy e intensewhile the cappuccino and latte macchiato are characterized by a dense foam e fluffy.

And we can’t forget the beauty of a simple well-foamed white milk or a excellent cappuccino prepared by Rivelia. The variety of options is vast, but in all honesty, more than half of the drinks turned out to be a pleasant complement, just like a frame of a work of art, essential to create that “wow” effect, even if in reality they remain a frame.

In conclusion, the Rivelia it is an automatic coffee machine that stands out for its versatility and the ability to offer beverages of high quality.

With this machine, you can prepare your favorite coffee at home, adapting it to your needs and tastes. To get the most out of Rivelia, it is advisable to use fresh coffee beans, make regular cleaning operations to keep the machine in tip-top condition and experiment with different settings to discover the perfect flavor combination. Ultimately, the Rivelia is the ideal choice for those who want to enjoy high quality coffee comfortably at home.

The possibility of change the coffee container on the Rivelia offers one indisputable comfort for those who like to experiment with different coffee beans.

This allows you to enjoy various types of coffee without having to mix them directly in the machine itself. However, it is important to note that while this option can bring variety, a minimal amount of previously used beans will remain within the grinder and brewing system. This may slightly affect the taste of subsequent drinks. To get around this limit, the machine suggests the possibility of brewing one last coffee or cleaning the grinder, in order to avoid mixing between blends.

In summary, the flexibility offered by the replacement of the container can be a welcome feature for coffee enthusiasts who want variety in their beans, but it’s important to be aware that a little residual mixing it could subtly affect the flavor of your next coffee.

Who should buy this coffee machine?

The Rivelia it proves to be an ideal choice for those who appreciate the versatility in preparing coffee and want a machine that offers drinks of high quality.

This machine is perfect for coffee lovers who want to experiment with different types of beans and customize their drinks. Plus, the ability to save User Profiles and the Bean Adapt Technology they add a unique touch of personalization.

However, it is important to note that changing the coffee container may result in minimal blending of the beans, slightly affecting the flavor of subsequent drinks.

One aspect to carefully consider is the automatic rinsing when turning the machine on and off.

This function, if the machine is not used frequently, could lead to a waste of more water than that actually used to prepare the coffee. So, if you plan to use the machine sporadically, it is important to keep this in mind.

Ultimately, who should buy this coffee machine? Those looking for a car versatile e customizable for their daily coffee, but who are willing to consider the implications of automatic rinsing in terms of water consumption and obviously who are willing to shell out a significant amount.

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De’Longhi Rivelia can be purchased from MediaWorld at the price of 872.99 euros.

De’Longhi Rivelia can be purchased from Uniero for 899 euros.

The best coffee but also the most expensive

Points in favor

  • Versatility: Wide range of preparation options.
  • High Quality: High quality drinks with creamy espresso.
  • Advanced Technology: Advanced features to personalize the experience.

Points against

  • Blending of beans: Possible slight influence on flavor.
  • Water consumption: Automatic rinsing can lead to waste.
  • Price: High cost for some buyers.
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