Apple Arcade: here are all the news coming this week

Apple Arcade: ecco tutte le novità in arrivo questa settimana thumbnail

A new week of updates and news on Apple Arcade for games like Lego Star Wars Battles, Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls, Tetris Beat, Solitaire Stories, Sonic Racing, SongPop Party, Slash Quest, Cricket Through the Ages e Agent Intercept.

Apple Arcade: here are all the news coming

The game from the Masterpieces category of the App Store will also be available from Friday Crayola Create and Play, an important new entry for Apple Arcade, designed to stimulate creativity, imagination and the desire to experiment.

Coming soon too Galaga Wars, a classic arcade shooter game where the goal is to save the galaxy from waves of aliens. Here are all the details

  • Galaga Wars of BANDAI NAMCO a classic arcade shooter game with stunning graphics and easy to use touch screen controls. Galaga Wars is an exhilarating journey back in time for all nostalgic players and an instant blast for others. The fate of the galaxy is in your hands. Start your engines and destroy endless waves of aliens in a storm of laser blasts and smoking missiles.
  • Crayola Create and Play by Red Games Co. the official Crayola app that encourages curiosity and creativity, helps develop artistic independence and is a safe place to express yourself. Crayola Create and Play is inspired by STEAM and STEM educational techniques, teaching the fundamental principles of development through play.

Other recent updates:

  • Lego Star Wars Battles – This week begins the second season, with Admiral Ackbar as the host. The new Scarif map and new units are available, including AT-RT, Riot Control Walker and more.
  • Tetris Beat– This recent update includes new exclusive music tracks, recorded by exceptional musicians, such as DJ Qbert (Hip Hop), Katherine Ho (Mandarin Pop), Miyachi (Japanese Rap and Marcopatino (Euphoric EDM).
  • Solitaire Stories – Players can now decide the difficulty of the story based on their skill level or desired challenge.
  • Sonic Racing – The classic game that sees Sonic as the protagonist merges with the world of car racing. Players will also be able to whiz through three new Green Hill Zone tracks.
  • SongPop Party – Get ready for trick or treating this year by celebrating Halloween with SongPop Party. Master the new spooky Halloween event playlists to unlock a new character.
  • Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls – A new Halloween mode and skins are added. Over the Halloween period, players will be able to claim up to 14 additional login bonuses.
  • Slash Quest!c- The Taskmaster has just finished creating new challenges for Season 3 (including 10 new challenges and 6 exclusive sportswear).
  • Cricket Through the Ages – The recent update brings a new mode, Ultra Cricket, a new freestyle feature that allows players to create hundreds of different characters and game modes.
  • Agente Intercept – The game is enriched with two new side missions. For the first time ever, you’ll be able to take the wheel as the Agency’s best undercover agent, Penny Black.