Ecobonus, from today it is possible to book incentives for the purchase of a “green” car

Ecobonus, da oggi è possibile prenotare gli incentivi per l'acquisto di un'auto "green" thumbnail

The appointment for those who want to buy a new low-emission car is for 10 am on 27 October, date and time in which the Government will give the possibility to book the incentives provided for by the new ecobonus 2021 through its platform accessible at the link

The news is given by the Minister of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti that explains “We are satisfied with this refinancing of the auto eco-bonuses, which we strongly wanted. This is another concrete sign of the attention we pay to favor the transition towards the green by facilitating consumers “.

As we have already seen in a previous article, the 100 million euros allocated to the 2021 eco-bonus will be divided according to the amount of CO2 that cars emit. Most of these, as many as 65 million will be allocated to models called “M1 ″ which are those included in the 0-60 g / km CO2 emission band, which are basically electric or hybrid cars. There are also 20 million euros for the purchase of special N1 or M1 category commercial vehicles. It should be noted, however, that 15 million of these 20 are reserved for commercial vehicles that have a 100% electric engine. As specified by the MISE “The contribution is recognized up to a maximum of 8,000 euros and it differs on the basis of «Total Ground Mass – MTT» and power supply ”.

New ecobonus 2021, the “clauses” obtain the incentive for the purchase of a used vehicle

Another 10 million euros are earmarked for M1 vehicles included in the 61-135 g / km CO2 range but only in the case of scrapping of the old car. In this case you get a maximum of 1,500 euros of incentive. Few but no less interesting are the last 5 million euros that will serve as an incentive for the purchase of vehicles M1 used with emissions included between 0 and 160 g / km of CO2 falling within the Euro 6 category at least. For this series of vehicles you can get a maximum of 2,000 euros as an incentive, a figure that varies according to the emissions of the used car that you go to buy. For the latter case, as specified by the MISE, to obtain the incentive it is mandatory to scrap a car registered before January 2011 or that has reached ten years of “life” within the period in which the contribution is requested.