Apple: Body ID to keep an eye on the health of the whole body

Apple: Body ID per tenere d'occhio la salute di tutto il corpo thumbnail

Innovation at Apple continues to be a constant and it seems that the multinational is working on Body IDa system similar to Face ID but dedicated to the whole bodywith the intention of dispensing advice regarding the health of users.

With Body ID Apple could 100% analyze our health

It’s no secret that the Health app included in iPhones is not only convenient, but also useful for keeping an eye on certain parameters. So why not extend it to the whole body, after doing a Face ID-style scan?

This was probably the question that Apple must have asked themselves, culminating in the filing of a patent application entitled “Electronic Devices with Body Composition Analysis Circuitry”, which sees a iPhone busy doing one whole body scanthen providing the data collected and some advice to improve the well-being of users.

An example? If our weight were to rise, the iPhone could warn us, advising us to improve our diet or undertake medical investigations to understand why.

But Body ID should not only be used for health purposes, but also as means of identification. In fact, body parameters could come to support or replace Face ID, although this hypothesis may still seem particularly difficult.

On balance, recognition with Face ID is much more comfortable than a full body one, so it will be interesting to understand how Apple could develop this new technology in the future. It assumes the use or of one separate scanner or shooting some parts of the bodysince fat, over time, tends to concentrate in some areas such as neck and cheeks.

In any case, the basic idea has a noble purpose and shows how Apple increasingly takes into consideration the health of its users, making the iPhone not only an excellent means of communicating and working on a daily basis, but also a future diagnostic tool .

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