Realme MWC 2023: 240W charging arrives!

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Realme officially announces the global launch of realme GT3 at the Mobile World Congress: with 240W it is the fastest charging power in the world

Realme announced today at Mobile World Congress 2023 The global launch of realme GT3, the latest generation speed flagship smartphone with the world’s fastest charging power of 240W. Since the first generation, the GT series has been characterized by the company’s most cutting-edge technological innovations. The series has always had distinctive elements, from the mind-blowing design of the series GT Master to the top model of the series GT2 Proand even today the GT3 is reconfirmed as a product capable of excelling, beating all speed limits.

realme was founded in the Dare to Leap spirit and following the mission of empowering the younger generation by proposing cutting-edge technology and design. Entering its fifth year, realme is taking an even bigger leap forward, becoming the first brand to break down many of the barriers in the industry. This demonstrates realme’s commitment to enhance its market presence through innovative technologies and better connect with younger audiences.

– Chase Xu, Vice President of realme and President of realme Global Marketing.

Realme MWC 2023: 240W the highest charging standard in the world

240W of charging power, a new standard that positions realme GT3 as an innovative product and a pioneer in using the highest charging wattage ever achieved. This feature allows realme and the GT3 to maintain the lead even in the years to come, as it has reached the maximum possible power according to the USB-C standards.

Thanks to this new milestone, there will be no more battery anxiety. The smartphone recharging process is reduced to historic lows, just a few minutes or even seconds to have a satisfactory charge percentage to continue using it. In fact, that will be enough only 80 seconds to charge realme GT3 20% of its capacity and it takes only 9 minutes and 30 seconds to reach 100% of the device’s 4600 mAh battery.

Realme MWC 2023: 240W charging arrives!

Realme MWC 2023: completely innovative battery and charging

As the first brand in the industry to mass-produce 240W fast charging, realme has brought about a complete revamp in all areas, from charging safety to battery longevity and accessory compatibility. Starting from the architecture of the compartment, realme GT3 has three excellent charging chipsets that work together with the charge, with an improved transfer efficiency of 98.5%. Furthermore, realme GT3 is equipped with a customized 12A cable, which provides the highest charging current input in the industry. In addition, realme offers dual GaN charging technology, which includes a chipset GaN end-to-end both in the phone and in the adapter. As a result, despite having 60% more power available, the 240W adapter is still smaller than the 150W one.

Maximum charging safety

One of the toughest challenges for high-power charging is temperature control. realme GT3 is equipped with a 6580mm2 VC liquid cooling system which covers 61.5% of the battery and ensures efficient heat dissipation. To ensure maximum security, the realme GT3 also includes a PS3 fireproof design, 13 temperature sensors and 60 levels of protection. Furthermore, realme GT3 is the first phone above 200W to be certified by TÜV Rheinland for safe fast charging.

Worry-free battery longevity

According to internal lab tests, realme GT3 has a lifespan of80% after more than 1600 cycles of charging with 240W activated, more than double the industry standard of 80% battery health after 800 cycles. In addition, GT3 uses intelligent charging, which allows it to detect the mode used by the user and automatically adapt the charging mode, thus switching between travel, rest or car mode. In this way, the phone is not only charged in a smart way, but also helps to preserve the health of the battery and avoid overcharging.

Realme MWC 2023: Pulse Interface Design

In addition to the incredible power of 240W, the realme GT3 pushes smartphone design to new heights. The smartphone has a translucent window next to the camera module. At its core, users will find a glossy decoration of the chipset, a chipset NFCand the innovative Pulse Interface System with a C-shaped RGB lighting ring.

Taking inspiration from gaming phones, the Pulse Interface Design of realme GT3 shows different lighting effects according to the state of the phone. For example, when the phone is 20% charged, it shows a red color light effect; when charged from 21% to 100%, glows purple; and when fully charged, the purple light is always on. Also, when there are incoming calls, the light flashes quickly. While, when notifications are received, the lighting system turns white. Finally, even for the 10-second countdown before taking photos it changes color, using a beam of blue, white and orange colors as a countdown.

Realme MWC 2023: 240W charging arrives!

Realme MWC 2023: from democratizer to industry leader

realme is known for providing young consumers with cutting-edge technologies and fast charging is no different. With the realme X7, in 2020, the company was the first brand to introduce 65W in the medium price range. In 2022, with its GT Neo3, realme introduced the world’s fastest charging speed of 150W. And now, with the GT3 model, realme is setting new standards in charging power maximum of 240W, positioning itself as an industry leader. Besides constantly researching technological advances, realme is also democratizing fast charging by making it available in all price ranges. Counterpoint ranks realme first among products placed in the medium-high price range ($250-$399). realme intends to further democratize fast charging by announcing during the global launch that 90% of its global product portfolio will include fast charging of 33W or higher.

The realme GT3 will be available in 8+128GB, 12+256GB, 16+256GB, 16+512GB and 16+1TB variants; The MSRP starts at $649. What do you think of the new Realme smartphone? Let us know yours in the comments section, we also invite you to follow our Instagram page, our YouTube channel and stay connected on to stay constantly updated on all the news from the tech world!

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