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Apple brings Touch ID back to iPhone, but not until 2026

Apple would be working to bring back the Touch ID are iPhone, but directly on the screen with a fingerprint scanner below the display. This should bring back the convenience of the biometric unlock with fingerprints, without giving up the screen. But we will have to wait a few more years.

Touch ID returns to the iPhone, but we have to wait for 2026

We have been talking about for years‘Full Screen iPhone and Apple is gradually working in this direction. In 2017, with the launch of the iPhone X, most of the smartphone bezels were eliminated, thanks to the removal of Touch ID from the Home button and the introduction of Face ID in the notch. But Apple is removing the notch, introducing Dynamic Island across the entire iPhone 15 line, to give more screen real estate.

The leaker “yeux1122” suggests another step forward: the in-display Touch ID will arrive on the iPhone in the next few years and will have several functions in addition to authentication.

iPhone 15 display

Apple already uses the Touch ID sull’iPad, for example on the latest iPad mini 6 and the iPad Air 5, but integrates it into the power button. On smartphones, however, it remains only for the SE line. It is not yet certain whether Apple will offer Touch ID on the upcoming iPhone SE 4, as the design of the device is expected to feature a notch.

Second Ross Youngdisplay expert, Apple will employ at least two years to bring Face ID in-display on iPhones. And it seems that it could also omit one of the two sensors in favor of the other: if Touch ID arrives, Face ID will disappear.

Also, it might offer Touch ID and Face ID on different iPhone models for different purposes. Currently, there are still no details on the technology and how it will be used. But we will keep you updated if there is any further news.

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