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Does HP firmware block the use of third-party ink?

Some HP customers are expressing their frustration online after some HP updates firmware they would have blocked the use of non-HP ink cartridges in company printers. HP has already faced class-action lawsuits over the “dynamic security” feature. But it seems that the problem persists.

HP firmware blocks use of third-party ink for some customers

The Dynamic Security is a feature used by HP printers to authenticate ink cartridges and prevent the use of non-HP approved cartridges. According to what the company itself explained, “it is based on the printer’s capacity of cCommunicate with security chips or electronic circuitry on cartridges. HP employs proactive security measures to protect the quality of the customer experience, maintain the integrity of our printing systems, and protect our intellectual property.”

HP introduced dynamic security in aSome printers in 2016. And as of 2018, he’s paid out millions of dollars in class-action lawsuits, including clients in thethe United States, Australia and Italy.

After paying the fines, it looks like HP can keep going use DRM to discourage customers of its printers from buying non-HP ink and toner.

According to Reddit user grhhull: “HP has updated its printers to completely ban the use of ‘non-HP’ ink! No longer shows ‘we cannot guarantee the quality’ message, but cancels printing completely funtil an HP ink cartridge is inserted”.

In the last few hours there have been several complaints from online customers. But the company, responding to Ars Technica, limited itself to explaining how Dynamic Security works. And he adds: “Information about Dynamic Security are made available to customers at various points who purchase a Dynamic Security-enabled printer, including on the printer packaging and in various online advertising pages and technical materials.”

So if you have a printer with this function, you will have to continue to choose only HP cartridges. Or change printer.

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