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Apple builds a 3D virtual world for its headset, Reality Pro

Apple is building a 3D virtual world (but not a metaverse) for its mixed reality viewer coming in 2023, which it could be called Reality Pro o Reality One. La Mela is hiring new engineers in Cupertino to work on virtual content.

Apple Reality Pro (or One) is the 3D virtual world that Apple is building

The news comes from Mark Gurman, an Apple expert Bloomberg analyst and the most reliable person when it comes to projects developed in Cupertino. The company is hiring new engineers who will work on projects related to the own viewer for mixed realitywhich after years of speculation should arrive on the market next year.

According to rumors this product should cost between 2,000 and 3,000 dollars. A top device then, with a chip as powerful as a Apple M2 and over ten cameras placed both inside and outside the device, to trace the surrounding environment but also the facial expressions of the user. Also, they should have gods display with the highest resolution never seen on the commercial market.

apple viewer switch from vr to ar min

Also, we know that Apple has developed a dedicated operating system called realityOSwhich will include mixed reality versions of the applications such as iMessage, FaceTime and Apple Maps, among others. The first version should have the codenamed Oak and Apple is completing the tests in these weeks, to prepare for the launch of the devices in the first months of 2023.

And we also know that Apple registered i nomi “Reality Pro” e “Reality One” to launch the product on the market, suggesting that one of these two names will be the one we will use to discuss this headset after launch.

Apple’s assumptions reveal new details

In recent months, Apple has been continuing to add engineers to its development team (the Technology Development Group, TDG). And some of these ads seem to rather call it out that Cupertino wants to build devirtual content in 3Dhiring software producers who are experts in special effects and video games in VR.

Apple already has several industry experts after the acquisition in 202 of NextVR, which works with music artists and professional sports leagues to deliver VR content. But the company is actively looking for experienced industry engineers they know how to work with App Intentswhich allows iOS and iPadOS apps to use features such as Siri e Shortcut.

One such announcement reads: “We are looking for software engineers who will work with the App Intent framework to help design and implement solutions to unlock deep system intelligence, enable new development tools and facilitate new user interactions from application data models that can exploit Shorcuts, Sir, Research and more ”. But Gurman explains that although Apple remains somewhat vague about the future work of engineers, an announcement speaks directly of “3D worlds for mixed reality “.

apple reality viewer pro metaverse

Although Apple has repeatedly said of not wanting to use the term “metaverse” and not wanting to bet everything on this possible technological future, it seems that it is building its version of a VR world. So much so that engineers will have to use “the ability to think outside the box” to get to “build the tools and framewoks that will enable experiences connected in a 3D mixed-reality world ”.

Apple Reality Pro: The headset for mixed reality (and its 3D world) is coming

Gurman goes on to explain that Apple also recently assigned the development theme for Apple Reality Pro (or One) a manager who was working on the Apple Car project (Dave Scott) and one of its most experienced chief software engineers.

The group is supervised by Mike RockewellApple’s vice president for AR / VR, along with Dan Riccio, which in the past coordinated the entire hardware division of Cupertino. Hedgehog, at his latest project at Apple, reports directly to CEO Tim Cook. A demonstration of how serious and important this project is for Apple.

Finally, too Yaniv Gur, who has 20 years of experience at Apple, working on apps like Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Books, Notes and News. Making you think there will be different solutions also to work with the visore that Apple will launch in 2023. Rivaling recent products from Meta or Microsoft with HoloLens.

In short, Apple is getting serious with mixed reality: the new Reality Pro (or Reality One) viewer is being built by some of the best minds in Cupertino. We might see the result (we think) in the first quarter 2023. And perhaps we will be able to definitively understand if this virtual world has a future even outside the world of gaming. What do you think about it? Let us know in the comments.

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