Apple Car: change at the top for the Cupertino car project

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Project Titan, Cupertino’s secret car project, will be led by Kevin Lynch, former Apple Watch executive and former Adobe CTO. Lynch takes over from Doug Field, recently hired by Ford.

Apple Car: change at the top for Project Titan

The news comes only two days later the hiring of Doug Field by Ford , the head of Apple’s secret automotive project. In its place, the tech giant has promoted Kevin Lynch, former Adobe CTO and Apple Watch executive. The news was leaked from TheVerge website, and marks an important change given the delicacy of the project.

According to the Korean newspaper Maeil Economic Daily, Cupertino would not be interested in continuing collaboration with other car manufacturers. The will of Apple seems to want to give life to its electric car in a totally autonomous way.

TheVerge says Lynch would have started work on the project as early as July, when he was commissioned to develop the vehicle’s software. The executive has been collaborating with Cupertino since 2013, fresh from important experiences with Adobe. Doug Field, who has headed Project Titan since 2018, will now switch to Ford. In the past, he worked for Tesla for years, helping bring cars like the Model 3 to market.

The Apple-branded electric car project was launched in 2014. To date very little is known about it, but for more details we invite you to read our dedicated article.

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